Time to Rebuild in Houston

With two games in a row without a shot on goal and lurking toward the bottom of the table, the Houston Dynamo's playoff hopes look more far fetched each week.  Not only that, but they just aren't fun to watch.  That being said, it is time to rebuild and here are my sugestions:

Robinson, Serioux, and Cochrane = guys that shouldn't be starters yet cost us $350,000 of cap space.... to put that in MLS perspective, that's the combine salary equivalent of Ngwenya, Palmer, Hall, Ash, Cameron, and Chabala...all players who have individually contributed more this season.  We have to get rid of at least two of these guys.  Cochrane is the no brainier, Serioux has looked better and cheaper than Robinson.
I like Boswell, but he has been very average this year and cost $190,000.  He might be worth a trade just to drop his salary.
Defensive Verdict: Get rid of Cochrane and Robinson, maybe trade Boswell for young, cheap talent but only if we need to free up salary for a big signing.  Let Onstad retire and Hall take over.

Mullan and Mulrooney cost us over $300,000.  That is too much for one guy  who now plays off the bench and a guy who is just over the hill.  But i feel like we need at least one especially if we will be without veterans like Onstad, Robinson, Cochrane, and Waibel.
Cory Ashe is beginning to be a starter.  He is going to want more money and I dont know if he is worth it.  He is fast and people always over-pay for speed. 
Davis is a specialist that you cant find in MLS.  He is a must keep.
The rest of the guys are young or new acquisitions and we should hold on to them
Midfield Verdict: We cant pay Mullan and Mulrooney no more than $200,000.  We should do what it takes to meet that number; that might mean cut one, trade one, or renegotiate one or both.  Shop Ashe around.

Despite the cries to get rid of him, I think Oduro is a must stay.  Yes, he should not be a regular starter, but he doesnt have a starter salary to begin with.  He provides an extra element that is WELL worth his $40k salary.
Forward Verdict:
Nothing here, but I would leave Weaver exposed and entertain offers for him.

Obviously take a attacking midfielder but who wouldn't in this league regardless of your roster situation.
More realistically, I would like to get a offensive minded midfielder, a cheap journeymen CB (both age 25-30), and backup for Tally Hall.
I would actual use the draft for a high end pick.  The last two years have shown that starters can be found in the draft and I would get a young CB.
Finally, I would sign a DP.  Position doesn't matter, only a guy that is unselfish and willing to buy into the Dynamo culture and be part of the team.

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