The "Grant Wahl Curse" Lives!

If you're active in the Twitter soccer community, you've probably read about the fabled "Grant Wahl Curse".

Twice, MLS teams have been on the verge of getting the league's first win over a Mexican club in Mexico, only to have the wheels fall off after Wahl tweeted about the possibly landmark moment.

Well I have good news and bad news. In traditional fashion, I shall begin with the good news...

I believe I've discovered the origin on the "Grant Wahl Curse":

8/5/10 10:34pm : Out 3 months--the curse lives! RT @ISNOnline Real Madrid's Kaká has been chosen for the cover of EA SPORTS FIFA11.

Clearly, Grant tempted fate by taunting the EA Sports FIFA Cover Curse on Twitter and it appears at least some of the bad juju passed over to Grant at this exact moment. It's possible that a simple apology to the EA/FIFA curse could put things right, but when it comes to dealing with powers from the beyond, you can never be sure. I've seen Paranormal Activity, I know how this stuff works people.

Not convinced yet? Well just look at the evidence!

8/25/10 8:54pm : Is MLS about to get its first-ever win in Mexico? Salt Lake up 3-1 on Cruz Azul. RSL lost 5-4

8/27/10 4:07pm : It's early, but two 6-0 wins has me wondering if Chelsea has '07 NE Patriots potential: not just beating everyone but destroying them. Chelsea lost to Manchester City last weekend 1-0

9/22/10 8:22pm : Is an MLS team finally about to win in Mexico? Seattle up 2-0 at Monterrey in ConcaChampions.Seattle lost 3-2

Are you convinced now? I thought you would be.

Now for the bad news, though it really only applies to Real Salt Lake and their fans:

9/25/10 11:03pm : FT Salt Lake 1:1 Colorado. Injury-time Borchers goal gives Salt Lake 24 straight unbeaten at home. Has to be favorite to repeat right now.

Oh no! Danger Will Robinson!

Are RSL's hopes of repeating as MLS Cup Champions doomed?!?! We'll find out soon enough, but given this clear path of destruction left by this dreaded curse, I think there is cause for concern.

Do we need to call a witch doctor?

Do we need Jobu and his rum?

I need ideas people!

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