Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: MLS Draft 2011 Edition


Cause the Anti-Power Rankings are a firework
Come on we're gonna show 'em what we're worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As the rankings shoot across the sky-y-y


This week is a special edition of the Anti-Power Rankings as I take a look back at yesterday's excitement from the 2011 MLS SuperDraft. Won't you follow me after the jump and enjoy this week's fun?

#5 - Lalas & Twellman: There may not be a greater studio duo than the great Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman. Their work during ESPN's coverage of the first round of the draft was very good, especially after the pictures from the combine of the two of them sitting in the stands in their sunglasses looking like not so covert agents. I think these two have a future working together and quite honestly, they should call games together as well. Who cares if neither is a natural play-by-play guy, I think it would be extremely entertaining with those two discussing a match. Make it happen ESPN.

#5b - Harksey: Did John Harkes really refer to himself as "Harksey"? I'm at a loss for words...

#4 - Stephen McCarthy: The UNC midfielder gets the award for best speech at the podium after he was selected by the New England Revolution. "How's it goin?"...I think he'll be say "wicked pissa" in no time.

#3 - John Bolster Gets it Wrong: In his Monday Postgame post from the Draft Bolster claimed the SOBs were "offside" for heckling New York Red Bulls coach Hans Backe during his live interview. Sorry John, you're wrong. That's what fans do, that's part of the fun and atmosphere of the event. Don't go trying to neuter the experience by whining because your precious live interview on got messed up.  I'm calling the WAAAAmbulance to pick you up. In fact, you should be enjoying the fans because next year it's going to be much quieter in Kansas City.

#2 - The SOBs Meet the DC Fans: We all want, or at least we should, DC United to stay in the District. Trouble is, getting a new stadium is growing ever more problematic and there is a very real chance the team could move to Baltimore. Like it or not, we were all thinking it and The Sons of Ben said it.

#1 - @Tokenito's SuperDraft Dance: Want a quick example of why DC United needs to stay in DC? Here you go. Soccer fans are awesome. Pew pew boom.

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