The unnamed Brazilian..

Once I found out there were a few people unfamiliar with the Dynamo's pursuit of an unnamed(as of yet) Brazilian midfielder I figured it would be worth my time and effort to link to the various blog posts (and quote them) from Jose De Jesus Ortiz from which mentioned the Brazilian in any capacity.  After all, shouldn't Dynamo Theory become the new unofficial source of Dynamo news, rumors, and other various fun stuff?  Yeah, I agree too.  Links and quotes after the jump!

UPDATE:  The Brazilian is no longer a target for the Dynamo, but the name was revealed to the Chronicle.  New quotes after the jump!

The first link is from JdJ Ortiz's blog entry from January 26th, 2011 - Dynamo hoping to sign Brazilian midfielder 

I spoke at length with coach Kinnear about his recent scouting trip to Brazil, and he says he really liked the midfielder he's been trying to land.

At this point, Kinnear isn't ready to publicly identify the player, for obvious competitive reasons, but the player is a young midfielder.

It says something about Kinnear's feelings for this player that he missed the first day of preseason camp to watch the player. With that said, however, it must be stated that the Brazilian isn't a candidate for a designated player slot. And unlike the guys expected to come in on trial, the Brazilian would arrive in Houston with a contract if the deal can be finalized soon.

The second link is from JdJ Ortiz's blog entry from January 27th, 2011 - More info on Brazilian

As for the Brazilian target, the Dynamo continue to work on securing his rights. For competitive reasons, coach Dominic Kinnear won't divulge the player's name publicly.

I asked Kinnear for a bit more of a scouting report on the kid.

"He's young, fast, tough and hopefully at an MLS pay scale," Kinnear said. "He's comfortable on the ball."

When dealing with international players, there's no telling if MLS will ultimately work out the deal with this young player's team.

Moreover, I wouldn't be surprised if instead of buying this player from his Brazilian club, the Dynamo ultimately work out a loan deal if it would cost too much to acquire him.

Either way, I know the Dynamo are very, very high on this player.


The third link is from JdJ Ortiz's blog entry from February 1st, 2011 - Brazilian still flirting

By the way, the Dynamo and MLS are still trying to work out a contract to sign the speedy attacking midfielder Kinnear scouted in Brazil two weeks ago.

It appeared as though the Dynamo got some competition for the player over the weekend from a European club, but the Dynamo are keeping their fingers crossed.



I will try to update this fan post whenever JdJO posts new info regarding the Brazilian.  Oh...and feel free to speculate in the comments below.  We all know once a comment is made, it becomes a source (at least you know this if you are a Texans fan and read Battle Red Blog here on know who you are!!!) for some of the writers.  Apparently anyways.


UPDATE:  This final link is from JdJ Ortiz's blog entry from February 14th, 2011 - Brazilian named

The Dynamo's hopes are dimming in their quest to land the Brazilian midfielder Kinnear scouted last month.

The prize has literally gone up not 100 percent, but 300 percent, according to a person with intimate knowledge of the negotiations.

"The price keeps on going higher," said Kinnear, who says other teams' interests in the Brazilian player have raised the price.

As of yet, Kinnear has never publicly identified the Brazilian player. But the Chronicle has learned the player is Luiz Camargo of second division Paraná.

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