Dynamo get klepto and steal point from Fire

The Dynamo didn’t deserve to win, and I’m not even sure I can give them the benefit of the doubt of deserving the draw either. Yet, they managed the draw in a hostile Toyota Park, even if the referees were against them. Still they eked out the point, and avoided what would’ve been only the second loss of the young 2011 MLS Season. I suppose looking back, it’s hard for me to digest the Dynamo have only lost one match, the season opener at home against a better Philadelphia Union side.  Watching the way the team plays, offensively speaking, they are a damn good set piece team.  However, it’s unbelievable just how poor they are in the run of play, and that was showcased once again in Saturday’s draw with the Chicago Fire.

The recap of the match goes like this:

Houston manages to avoid giving up a goal within the first 15 minutes of play, and then shortly after an absolute breakdown on defense leads to a Chicago Fire goal care of one Diego Chaves.  Chaves deserved the goal, it was a beautiful shot and it easily beat keeper Tally Hall.  Still, there were opportunities by multiple Dynamo defenders to clear the ball which would’ve prevented the goal.  The goal came in the 18th minute, and the Fire almost seemed content to sit on their single goal for the rest of the match.

The Dynamo simply dominated possession the remainder of the first and almost the entire second half, but it wasn’t until the 83rd minute of play when a Brad Davis corner kick found the awaiting head of Bobby Boswell, who buried it into the top corner of the net.

There were Dynamo chances before that, but nobody converted

Not off corner kicks, not from the run of play, simply nothing.  It was ugly, a lot of the time was spent trying to get the ball up top, and when it did get up top the Dynamo did not hold it well.  The plays weren’t developing, but they kept trying.  If there’s one thing about this Dynamo team I can point to and be proud of right now, it’s the same thing I’ve pointed to since they arrived in Houston, they simply never quit.

There was one special play which I think will hold the biggest place in my heart, and I almost feel bad mentioning it.  If you didn’t watch the game, or couldn’t ala Zach, then you missed out on a sight all too familiar to Dynamo fans.  Dominic Oduro missing what might as well have been an open net – a clear opportunity to put the Fire up two and most probably sealing the game shut – and hitting the crossbar.

Next up for the Dynamo is D.C. United at Robertson Stadium @ 7:30pm CST on Friday evening, April 29th.  I think I speak for any fan of the "Orange Men" – side note:  I watched the game on MLS MatchDay Live and they used the Fire feed from Comcast, and they kept saying "Orange Men".  I don’t know why it stuck with me, but it did – in saying I hope for our sake Koke is ready to play at least as a substitute on Friday.  This game will be televised on Fox Soccer, and there’s nothing like semi-national coverage for a player’s coming out party.  I’m just sayin…

P.S. -- I'm lame and don't have any cool graphics or nifty freeze frames to include in this post-gamer, my apologies (if someone wants to make one, post in the comments and I'll use it!)

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