Chronicle Needs to Up Their Game

I found myself in a McDonald's Saturday morning, drinking a cup of coffee after my 6 year old son's soccer game.  A battered copy of the day's Houston Chronicle was piled at the table next to me. Bored, I thumbed to the sports section trying to find the pregame writeup of the upcoming home match between the leaders of the Eastern Conference.

I looked and looked. There was a write up about Yao's injury. There were several pages on the Astros and MLB. There were a few columns on the Dallas Mavericks and their defensive breakdown in game 2.

I read the whole section- start to finish but couldn't find anything on the evening's big game.

There was a simple reason for this.

It wasn't there.

I was gobsmacked. Even if they had a two page spread the previous day, not printing anything the day of the game was inexcusable.

Perhaps the Chronicle thinks its small soccer columns mean it is a big Dynamo supporter. I find it MLS lite.

I used to think the Fallas coverage was tepid, at best. There was little insight and when there were, those were blatantly obvious. I wanted to pull my hair out- as I did  when listening to MLS television broadcasts 10-15 years ago when they explained the offside rule at least 3-4 times a game.

Ortiz is somewhat better, somewhat worse. You get less coverage though occasionally you get an opinion piece (Fallas was so diplomatically supportive, it seemed like PR whitewash). During the Koke deal I got updated info here, rather than anything from the Chronicle. The story broke here hours before anything appeared on the Chron website. Pretty depressing as Ginge's contributuions are labors of love, as far as I know, it's not a paying gig.

I expect much better from an organization where people are paid to inform.

Saturday's column on Yao written by a columist who has written little about MLS and when he has (Allstar game vs Man U), he has been highly critical. I'm not bothered by the subject of his column, just the timing. Yao's ongoing injury problems took up valuable space and this space could be given at any other time (Yao's situation is not likely to change anytime soon).

The Dynamo played Saturday night.

Here in Houston.

Except for a logo with a time and place and the radio schedule posted under events, who would have known?

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