Moffatmania! Dynamo take point and stick it where the sun don't shine!

FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 17: Matt Reis #1 of the New England Revolution makes a save in front of the net against the Houston Dynamo at Gillette Stadium August 17, 2011 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Gail Oskin/Getty Images)

I'll be honest, I have only had the luxury of watching the second half of this match.  What I saw was as bad as it's been for the Dynamo all season on the road.  Disjointed play between the defense and forwards, the midfield nonexistent, repetitions of what we see in pretty much every away game.  And just like every away game, the Dynamo failed to win.  They did, however, pull a draw out of nowhere, and for that I commend them.

This week's post-game will go a little differently, because as most of you know by now I do nothing by the books.  I march to the beat of my drummer.  /end cliches

I'm going to offer up my grades on this match based on only the second half.  I want to know your grades as well.  Review the performances of the players and tell your brethren how you really feel about the game.

For those that didn't get to watch any of the game, here's a quick rundown of "highlights":

1) The Revs Ryan Cochrane pokes home a ricochet off the bar in the 4th minute of play.

2) A lot of crappy service from all over, for the most part the Dynamo couldn't ever seem to click in the midfield (sound familiar?)

3) Around the 75th minute or so the Dynamo began the "let's send it deep approach and hope our forwards can control it to offer up chances" technique.  It didn't really work until...

4) In the 89th minute, the ball bounced the Dynamo way off a Brad Davis corner kick and a Carlo Costly header, and the ever-present Bobby Boswell tapped home what might as well have been an empty-netter.

5) In the 93rd minute Moffat got a little rough with a Revs defender as both men chased a ball headed out of bounds.  The defender, in my opinion, flopped just a little but that is neither here nor there.  The Revs man of the match, Goalkeeper Matt Reis, took to the defense of his defender and got a little rough with Moffat in return.  Things escalated, and Moffatmania was born!

So let me have you, the fans who sit through 89 minutes of really terrible football to get one minute of purely entertaining football, give me your grades.  Break it down however you like, and remember, somebody is always watching...or something.

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