Quickie Toe Pokes and Random Shots

HOUSTON - APRIL 01: Brian Ching #25 of the Houston Dynamo is assisted off the field by medical staff after injuring his left hamstring against Real Salt Lake on April 1, 2010 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

You can’t hear that cartoon sound bomb plummeting yet, though the vertigo feeling has dramatically changed to falling.

Falling isn’t the right word, so I’ll get literate on you. Falling of Biblical proportions. The 1st Chapter of Satanic Verses Falling. The longer Ching's situation plays out, the lower his valuation. The Impact are in a tough situation here with only one suitor. Whoops, should have said potential suitor as the only press about a potential Brian Ching return is either generated from the Great White North or hacks creating rumors when there’s little there.

Advantage Naranja.

We don’t have our opener until May 12, leaving a lot of time for head scratching as Jesse Marsch questions his hasty 1st Expansion Draft Choice. All the fluff about Ching providing veteran leadership melts under the merest scrutiny. The big question, how to save face??? Bluffs are great if everyone folds and the bluffer takes the pot, but the onus is on the Impact.

Despite Ortiz’s buffoonery, the Dynamo Front Office can afford to sit and wait. The Montreal Impact are either stuck with a very expensive, often injured in his last year or two forward OR they will have to suck it up and take the egg on their face.If Houston truly wants Ching to return, they only have to help the Impact save a little face.

Onward... Most know the way a low budget newly promoted Championship Team survives in the EPL: Purchase 1) a serviceable holding target forward, 2) a scrappy if not downright dirty defensive midfielder, 3) several big physical center backs, and 4) quick flank men who can get the ball into the box. 5) Mix with a tall, fearless keeper and finally 6) play a very physical 4-4-2 long ball direct express. If you’re lucky and play to win at home and draw away, a mid table finish isn’t out of the question. Mainly, it’s a successful recipe to avoid relegation.

Now translate the recipe to a league where a mediocre record gets you into the playoffs and you have the potion to turn a poor team around within a season or even during a season. For a team without a transfer budget with salaries on the cheap, it’s THE formula. Canetti keeps a brave face, yet his skills of transmutation are limited (unless the FO runs a counterfeiting operation). Meanwhile, those Stripers up IH45 keep signing good players and our Eastern rivals are also keeping pace. Well, we’ve always got Nate Sturgis and a very pissed off Colin Rolfe. Take that, rest of MLS!!!

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