Eder Delgado Translation + Costly Article

Here is the part of the article talking about Delgado to the Dynamo:

De igual forma el directivo informó que Eder Delgado se encuentra muy cerca de firmar con el conjunto de Houston Dynamo, que a través de su técnico, Dominic Kinnear, le sigue la pista desde hace tiempo, al punto que la semana pasada viajó a San Pedro Sula para observarlo de cerca durante el partido en que empataron 1-1 con Motagua.

Similar to to Villegas (the youngster headed to Seattle) the team's directorate has said that Eder Delgado is very close to signing with MLS team Houston Dynamo who, through their coach Dominik Kinnear, has been admiring Delgado for a while. So much so that the coach traveled to San Pedro Sula to observe the player during the 1-1 tie with Motagua.

A very interesting Article about Carlo Costly (also in Spanish): Costly Article

Basically this article is talking about how Costly was released by Atlas after his loan to the Dynamo. He is now in Honduras training with the U-23 national team. He was expected to sign with Real Espana, but that fell through, then perhaps Olimpia, that also fell through. The latest team he was connected to was America de Cali in Colombia. But they just signed a new striker and announced Costly is no longer an option for them.

He is without a team and as i said is training with the U-23s!! The article goes on to mention that the Dynamo are an option for him but that the FO did not confirm this when prompted by the writers of the article. His agent has said he has an opportunity in Scotland as well as China.

In my opinion, Costly has played in Poland and Romania where he did not stick around very long and left in controversy. His Polish team Bechtalow accused him of being unprofessional when he left after a few loans. Then he had to go to FIFA's court to get himself released from his contract with Vaslui in Romania. Now he seems to have a few options: Go back to MLS where his paycheck is guaranteed in cash and he will be near home and much more comfortable. He could go to Europe (Scotland or other random 2nd tier leagues) where some teams in those leagues have had issues paying players and it is cold and just as alien as Poland and Romania. Or he could go to China which is even more remote and alien than the 2nd and 3rd tier leagues of Europe. as far as quality of play i strongly believe he should come back to the Dynamo.

He would certainly be a 6 figure salary, maybe 150K. I think if we cant sign another striker he would be a good signing. He is in desperate need of a team that can give him first team football consistently.


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