Non-Orange Things: Homeless Goats & Team Less Stars

Stephen Dunn

All of this weeks MLS drama Dynamo not included.

Dynamo Theory's newest writer Alicia (@dynamoreTNT) takes a look at what's happening around Major League Soccer in this week's installment of Non-Orange Things.

Chivas USA

  • The week started off with talk of the team leaving L.A. with a Texas city "Offering the moon and the stars" to which the team stated that they love LA and have no plans to leave. However, they want their own stadium to help grow their fan base. The golden comment from all of this came from MLS Comissioner Don Garber "Home Depot Center has been great. I don't think the reason why they haven't grown their fan base has been Home Depot Center." No Don? Is it just because they are a terrible team?
  • Still no word on who is feeding the goat.

Colorado Rapids

  • Dropped Conor Casey leaving many to wonder what team will pick up the injury prone player and if he sustained injury from the dropping.

FC Dallas

  • President and CEO Doug Quinn has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the club due to personal reasons.
  • Assistant coach John Ellinger is retiring from the MLS to spend more time with his family who reside in Maryland. He has been coaching at Dallas for the last five years and worked for U.S. Soccer prior to that.

LA Galaxy

  • Some dude on their roster named David Beckham announced that the MLS Cup Final on December first will be his last game for the team.

New York Red Bulls

  • Did not pick up options for Teemer Tainis (MF), Jan Gunnar Solli (MF/D), Bill Gaudette (GK) and Jose Augulo (F)
  • Tim Cahill wants to go to Everton on loan during this off-season but given his calf injury problems and age he may not get to pull a Donovan. New Sporting Director Andy Roxbury has said that he is not a fan of letting players go out on loan and prefers them to rest. Which makes one wonder if Cahill does go on loan will he be sad this time next year?

Real Salt Lake

  • Picked up Cole Grossman, second year out of Columbus, in the Waiver Draft. They were the only team to selected ANY players in the draft which makes me wonder what the hell the point of the draft is if no one participates.

Vancouver Whitecaps

  • Had a friendly parting of ways with their Director of Soccer Operations Tom Soehn.


  • If anyone cares, I'm not sure if I do, Didier Drogba has dropped the United States as a place he may want to play when his contract in China runs out in 2014
  • Clint Dempsey was named the U.S. Soccer Male Athlete of the Year and everyone should care about that.

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