Orange Slices and 34 candles for the Captain

Let's all sing Happy Birthday and give a big Aloha to Captain Kamehameha today, and hopefully we stage a bigger celebration Saturday.

Exactly 34 years ago today, Houston history was subtly altered, or at least its sporting history. It was on this day in 1978 when, way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Stephanie Whalen gave birth to one Brian Ching. It is said that on the day of his birth, Pele (this one, not this one) halted the flow of Kilauea Volcano to welcome the new child. She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land instead redirected the power of her Orange flame and infused it into the baby boy, who is just too cool (or hot) to have a middle name. At least, that is what is said. On Saturday, maybe a certain team from Los Angeles, a town periodically rocked by its presence on the periphery of the Ring of Fire when Pele decides she's just had all she can stand for now, will get a nice Hawaiian welcome when they come calling at The-Sacred-Land-That-Ching-Built.

In the meantime, I would encourage you all to send birthday wishes to Captain Kamehameha here and here.

So, here are a few things occupying thoughts today and over the last few:

Houston Dynamo related links.

  1. A red, white and blue Dancing Bear? In his Soccer y Futbol blog, Jose de Jesus Ortiz says that Will Bruin deserves some attention from Jurgen Klinsmann. If he keeps scoring at this rate, hard to disagree.
  2. More JdJO. In a post about the unexpected demise of the Gag-me-axy, Ortiz lets slip this little nugget: "Considering they have only played two games at home, you can reasonably expect the Dynamo to be in prime playoff position, especially once they make their usual midseason upgrades. I expect them to sign a stud, foreign right midfielder as early as next month." Hmmm, I wonder who he has in mind.
  3. Cup time. The San Antonio Scorpions beat the Laredo Heat 2-0 last night, which means the Orange travel to the River City to play the NASL Scorps Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at Heroes Stadium. Tickets here. Good news, Josue Soto's loan deal means we get him for US Open Cup and Reserve League matches, so if he plays, he will play for us. More good news: Ryan Cochrane will play for them.
  4. East End traffic. Last night was the first time there was an event at BBVA Compass Stadium (the 2-2 draw between El Salvador and New Zealand) on the same night as the Astros played at home. As of right now, there is no Dynamo game scheduled the same night as an Astros game, but the CONCACAF Champions League fixtures have yet to be set. As far as I know, there were few problems with the 13k+ at The Cage and 18K+ at Minute Maid, but this link has some good advice, mainly don't leave your patience at home.
  5. JV nets a draw. The Dynamo Reserves gave up a late goal, but earned a 2-2 draw at Colorado yesterday. Orange goals came from Je-Vaughn Watson (an equalizer) and Colin Rolfe, a go-ahead strike. I am thinking this might just be the line-up we'll see in San Antone Tuesday.
  6. Only No. 3? In a video series, Major League Soccer Soccer looks at the Top 5 center backs in the league, listing Geoff Cameron No. 3 with special attention to his ball skills.
  7. Saturday's weather report for match time. Get some sunscreen and sunglasses and you will be suffering far less than our visitors from Southern California.
  8. Apparently Greg Lalas reads Dynamo Theory. Just remember, you read this breakdown first right here on Monday.
  9. UPDATE FOR NO. 9. In addition to Cameron, Andre Hainault and Je-Vaughn Watson have been called up, though Jermaine Taylor is still waiting to hear. Cameron will be the only one missing Saturday's match, though we may be out all four for the Vancouver game.

Everything else.

  1. This can't ever get old. Saturday night's foe, the Los Angeles something-or-other, had a 2-0 lead at home against the San Jose Earthquakes, with the second coming while down a man in the 73rd. And then came a 13-minute stretch about which we can expect poems and songs from the Bay Area for some time to come. The only mystery to me is how the right-footed Brad Davis managed not to get sent off so he doesn't have to play here Saturday. Also, look at A.J. De La Garza's complete lack of anything resembling positioning on Alan Gordon's winner. Awesome.
  2. Landon looks at his future: Grant Wahl did his typically fantastic work here in a rare Q&A from the (former?) US captain. This sounds for all the world like a guy who wishes he had not signed such a long-term deal with MLS.
  3. Hibernian Invasion. The US Men's National Team (and probably Geoff Cameron, assuming he makes it past Friday's squad trim) plays host to Scotland and the Tartan Army in Jacksonville Saturday night a few hours after the conclusion of the Dynamo/Gal game. Plenty of tasty at this link here.

And finally, here is the Tweet of the Day, from former Frisco keeper, but all around good guy Dario Sala, who we welcome full time into our wider circle now. Well done Dario.

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