Dynamo at New York Red Bulls: Instant Reactions to 1-0 Loss

May 9, 2012; Harrison, NJ, USA; New York Red Bulls midfielder Mehdi Ballouchy (10) fouls Houston Dynamo midfielder Calen Carr (3) during the first half at Red Bull Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Well, it's not the end of the world losing tonight but I'm not impressed by the fact the Dynamo are regressing a bit. There are some legitimate reasons for that tonight (adjusted lineup, injuries, end of a long roap trip), but I'll probably just end up sounding like I'm making excuses. Let's be honest though, the New York Red Bulls won tonight because they capitalized on yet another defensive mistake by Houston. If not for that, it's a dull scoreless draw.

New York also deserves credit for making all the defensive plays required in the final 15 minutes when the Dynamo finally started asking questions on the Red Bulls back line.

The biggest issue on first viewing was the abysmal passing by the Dynamo. Nobody looked good on the ball all night with pass after pass going off target or coming up short. It's easy to defend against those kind of passes and the Red Bulls were all over the mistakes.

The goal was simply a blown back pass that Tally Hall was too far away from to cover and a nice bit of hustle from Kenny Cooper. Yet again though, the Dynamo defense made a mental mistake and it cost them...and that's the third straight match that has happened. It's still early in the season but I'd like to be seeing some improvement rather regression.

The offense was devoid of ideas. Brad Davis didn't really seem in sync all night (though he did get better late), Cam Weaver was invisible until being subbed out in the second half. Weaver simply did not move much at all off the ball and provided no options or outlets for the midfield. Macoumba Kandji looked great and made several great runs, unfortunately he never generated a good shot on goal and was a bit wasteful with the ball at times.

It's been a long season opening road trip, the home opener is nearly here. I'm going to let things go tonight because the season starts for real on Saturday. If we continue to see the types of mental mistakes we've been seeing over the past couple weeks moving forward, I'll begin to get concerned.

Final thought, Shep Messing is an idiot and clearly does not watch any MLS matches. Why do I say that? After Adam Moffat nearly equalized late which one of his patented Moffat Rockets, Messing offered up this bit of "genius":

"(Moffat) the least likely player on the field to rip a ball like that."

What an idiot...and I don't give a s**t if he's a "legend" that's just lazy and stupid commentary.

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