The Dynamo are animals!

George Frey

My boyfriend and I are avid fans. Every home game, we go "all out" and don our jerseys, scarves and even squid hats. For months I have been trying to justify these large orange hats, but to no avail. The squid does not correspond to any player. This got me thinking, if each player had an animal, what would it be? At the risk of sounding like a junior high girl, here they are..

3 - Calen Carr - Hedgehog. Everyone remembers how fast Sonic the Hedgehog was! Calen has speed to match. And who doesn't love that hair?

11- Brad Davis -The elephant. Need I say why?

12 - Will Bruin - The fiercely loyal bear. It couldn't be anything else. Bruin has been nicknamed the Dancing Bear and even has a beer with No Label Brewing Company named after him.

14 - Jason Johnson - Cheetah. Enough said.

15 - Cam Weaver - Kangaroo. At 6'4, Weaver is simply massive. His weight is useful against big defenders. Like Weaver, the kangaroo uses its size as an advantage. The resemblance is even more striking when Weaver wears his arm cast!

20 - Andrew Driver - The velociraptor was said to be an extremely intelligent, coordinated hunter with bursts of speed. Driver, with his speedy bursts down the side line to the corner flag, is invaluable to our midfield.

23 - Giles Barnes - A ram has the ability to use is cranium like very few animals: as a deadly weapon. Barnes' ability to put a head on the ball during set pieces has netted us many goals! Also, the name "Giles" is associated with goat skin shields!

26 - Corey Ashe - Wolverine. Though small, the wolverine is a fierce opponent. An entire children's book was written about how terrifying a wolverine is to meet in the wild. In the same way, Corey Ashe is a fierce bastion of defense on our back line. His speed and aggression defy best much larger players.

32 - Bobby Boswell - The Honey badger doesn't give any. Neither does Boswell. Honey Boswell. Bobby Badger.

This list is not comprehensive! If you have more ideas, please comment and share!

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