The Dynamo: The House that Ching Built

Bob Levey

With veteran Brian Ching retiring, his enduring legacy is the Houston Dynamo itself.

It is no overestimation to say that Brian Ching is an MLS legend. In no place is that truer than here in Houston, Texas, where Ching spent the majority of his career.

The Hawaiian-born Ching was with the team when they made the move from San Jose. He wasted no time in putting a stamp on the team’s new city - in the Houston Dynamo's inaugural match, Ching set Robertson Stadium on fire with a sublime four goal performance.

Ching did not cease to impress there. In 2006 and 2007, he scored 11 and 7 goals, respectively. This offensive wedge played a major role in the Dynamo's MLS Cup wins in both years.

At the time, Houston had been playing in Robertson Stadium. Though the aging football stadium of the University of Houston was a suitable home temporarily, the Dynamo dreamed for a larger venue. The success of the club those first two years went a long way to proving to the city of Houston that the team was worthy of such an expense. The building of BBVA Compass Stadium was approved by city officials, thanks in large part to Ching’s foot!

Ching’s charisma and skill made him the poster boy of the Houston Dynamo and made him the celebrated darling of the fans. His leadership as captain carried the team through many difficult games, earning him numerous awards from the team.

2008 was Ching’s most prolific year for goals. He notched an impressive 13 stunners, along with 5 assists. Brian’s ability to score is nearly unparalleled in Major League Soccer, with his career 82 goals ranking him 11th in all time MLS scorers, with an additionally impressive 34 assists.

A much coveted player by the US Men’s National Team, Ching was capped over 40 times and provided key goals for the US team during that time.

He is also a great philanthropist, having founded both The House that Ching Built and Ching’s Champions, setting the charity bar for his teammates. The good works of these two organizations have touched the lives of many throughout the region.

Though Ching is departing from professional soccer as a player, his future is secured in the front office of the Dynamo. With his numerous accolades and legendary contributions to the team, it can be said that (like his charity) the Houston Dynamo is "the house that Ching built."

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