Dynamo and Greenstar split, jersey sponsorship up for grabs

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Dynamo don't have a jersey sponsor as of today after splitting from Greenstar. We reached out to our readers to get their take on who should be the next sponsor of the Dynamo.

The official news hit today that the Houston Dynamo and Greenstar Recycling have agreed to end their relationship 11 months before the completion of their three-year contract. No immediate replacement was announced, leaving the new 2013 Dynamo jersey that has yet to be released without a sponsor for the start of the new season.

Rumors about Greenstar wanting out of the deal surfaced recently amid reports of financial troubles and the potential of the company being purchased.

Waste Management, who has reportedly have shown interest in the past, announced the purchase of Greenstar today. Based on today's press release, the relationship ends under financial terms that are satisfactory to both parties.

According to reports, the Dynamo could be talking to at least five prospective suitors for jersey sponsorship. No companies are named, but based on Dyanmo President Christ Canetti's comments, a local company is preferred.

"I think it makes sense to have a company that has roots in Houston and does business in Houston and that could potentially be a big part of the sponsorship." -Chris Canetti

With the time it takes to negotiate a deal like this, it's likely the Dynamo start the 2013 without a jersey sponsor. In addition, it's possible that we could see the negotiations drag on and finish the season without one.

It's not that big of a deal, and I'm sure many fans would welcome the "Dynamo" and "Houston" on the front of the jersey like we had back in 2006.

Since it's highly possible and likely Chris Canetti reads Dynamo Theory on a regular basis, we figured we could aid the front office in their search for a new sponsor. So we started with a Twitter and Facebook post, and now the comments of this post will add to the prospective companies that Dynamo fans would like to see sponsor our great club.

We asked you - our faithful readers and die hard Dynamo fans who you'd like to see grace the front of the best jersey in MLS. Here's a handful of highlights from Twitter:

And one that made me laugh...

As for Facebook, our post got one of the best replies and one of the worst (even if it was a joke... but not even sure it is).


Nice one Kip - another star is probably what all of us would prefer. As for Victor... I'll leave it to the comments section. We'll see what the DT readers have to say.

Speak up Dynamo fans - who'd you like to see on the front of the 2013 or 2014 Houston Dynamo jersey?
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