So about Ortiz...

this may be ignored, it might be ridiculed, but it should be said: read the Chronicle. More specifically, click on the articles about the Dynamo. Yes yes, we can argue about JdJO and his apparent trolling, but the bottom line is that the Chronicle - not unlike most other online media outfits - is driven by page-clicks and commenting. And if you're not clicking or commenting, it says to the Chronicle suits that people don't care about soccer, and certainly not enough to dedicate a full-time resource to it. I know this is counter-intuitive considering the fraught relationship between most of the DT souls and JdJO, but to me if we want to see more mainstream (read: traditional media) Dynamo coverage, for now this is one of the best ways to get that done.

Now don't get me wrong, there's plenty to disagree with him on. Yes, he seems to have some odd beef w Canettiand yes, he puts out tweets and comments that seem antagonistic and yes, his play-by-play on Astros spring training is top-shelf trolling...but what have we done about it? Have you bothered to read the articles on the Dynamo and comment? Is it any wonder that he's been assigned to the Astros? He's a former baseball writer, and a good one at that, but has been covering the Dynamo...and we've done nothing to show Chronicle management that he should continue covering it full-time. I get that baseball is his first love, I get it. For most of us, its soccer. Some of us, we have split "allegiances" to various other sports. But this is the new media, a new era and this is how it works.

We dictate content.

I want to see the Dynamo sharing legit space with the other "Big 3" of Houston. Right now its the TEXANS, Rockets, Astros, and dynamo...while he may not be your favorite writer, think of him as a vehicle of change. The more you click and comment, the louder the message it sends to the Chronicle that you want to see more Dynamo coverage. Look at it from work, look at it from home.

Now, I'm DT through and through. I've been on this site for years and am thrilled to see its growth and pray that long may it continue; frankly, I'm not worried one bit about DT and its future. I come here for my daily (multiple times a day, to be fair) to talk with like-minded souls about our club and to get this variety of ideas and perspectives about football and the universe it occupies. But I also want to raise the profile of the club to the city at-large, and if we take a two-pronged approach, my Orange kinfolk, then our team stands to gain.

Just my two cents as something to think about.



PS - I probably shouldn't have to say it but I've got nothing to do with the Chron, Hearst and all its affiliates yada yada yada. I'm in the energy biz so I give this many damns ("0").

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