MLS Fantasy 2013: Round 4 & 5 Recap

I know, awards named after the worst DP in Dynamo history and Spiderman? Yeah, really. - Bob Levey

Take a look at how the teams fared with international absences. Who is first? Who is last?

Hey there. So yeah, you know how I said I would get out a fantasy update weekly? You can thank life for being life, and being unpredictable and simply unexplainable. Either way, though, going forward you can expect weekly updates.

Through the end of round 4, we now have only four teams with an undefeated record.

  1. DamagedGoods
  3. El Naranja
  4. DynamicFC

I'll be honest, going four weeks undefeated in this league is pretty dang impressive. Even more impressive? Doing it through a round with international call-ups. Yeah, that takes a special kind of management. Huge props to the four leaders.

But hey, when it comes to Liga Dynamo de Treoria, we don't really enjoy celebrating success as much as we enjoy awarding (and memorializing) those who possess a special talent for ineptitude. And without further ado, let me present the Dominic Oduro Award.

This award is presented to the team (each round) who poses a quality many forwards possess in MLS, but few can proclaim to possess to the extent of one Dominic Oduro. Perhaps we should call this the 'How did he miss THAT?' Award?

A hearty congratulations to FC Dunsmore for barely beating out Super Strikers (that'd be me) and AliciaKillers. A single point separated FC Dunsmore from the other two, but when you only put up 38 points in a round a single point is the equivalent of a Dominic Oduro "How did he miss that?" shot.

But I would be remiss if we didn't award the Luis Landin Award. I bet you've already figured out what this award is for, but just in case let me explain.

This award is presented to the team (or teams) with the worst record each round. Yeah, like I said, we like to celebrate ineptitude, too. So just who earned the Luis Landin Award?

It is a tie between Orange_Crocs and Dancing Bear F.C. Both teams enter round 6 without a single win or draw. Four straight losses. Ouch. But give Dancing Bear F.C. some credit, they put up a hell of a fight this round.

Good luck in round 6 to everyone!

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