Dynamo vs Impact Player Ratings

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Dynamo fell 5-0 to the Montreal Impact in a disappointing effort all the way around. Defensive miscues, poor midfield distribution, and bad decisions in the final third made this one tough on the eyes.

Houston Dynamo Player Ratings:

Tally Hall (3) - Hall had 3 saves, but 5 goals against him. Sure he can't be blamed for all of them, but his communication to his line was lackluster at best.

Kofi Sarkodie (3.5) - Kofi Sarkodie's 1v1 defending seems to be trailing off from where it once was. He can still get forward but his passing was off - like everyone's was.

Jermaine Taylor (3) - Taylor left the game at the half and was replaced by Eric Brunner. Brunner had a much better half than Taylor, though Taylor and Boswell did manage to effectively use the offside trap until Montreal broke free.

Bobby Boswell (4) - Boswell was the most dominating defender on the night. He did his best to try to keep his line's shape, which worked early in the first half however Justin Mapp and Marco Di Vaio tore it open.

Corey Ashe (2.5) - Ashe did a lot of things right in this game, but he looked noticeably slower compared to Justin Mapp. I can't fault Ashe on Di Vaio's first goal, because that was just a beautiful fake out. That being said, Ashe did not close down well enough or distribute the ball at the rate we expect from him.

Oscar Boniek Garcia (4.5) - Boniek filled into the center midfield role for the ill Ricardo Clark. It was either Boniek being out of his normal position, or part of the game plan, but Boniek didn't spend enough time on the ball in the right places. He typically took it out from midfield then passed it forward, and never got the ball back. Creavalle would have been the better defensive choice if the Dynamo were trying to go that route.

Adam Moffat (3) - Moffat missed Clark, that's for sure. Moffat's passing was just poor and he couldn't disrupt play coming from the center as well as he normally does. Part of this disruption could be due to the midfield shuffle we saw with Driver, Boniek, and Davis all playing ahead of him, but a lot of distribution problems started with Moffat.

Andrew Driver (4) - Driver did his best to hold down the right spot, but I even noted during the game that Driver's service and passing was off just like everyone else's (check the ball ref!).

Brad Davis, MotM, (5.5) - Davis tried to keep his team in the game, but with one demoralizing goal after another, that was hard to do. Davis was the only Dynamo player that provided satisfactory service to other players on a consistent basis.

Giles Barnes (4)
- Giles Barnes was active again for large stretches of the game, and had his chances on goal. Unfortunately nothing against Montreal was going the Dynamo's way.

Will Bruin (3.5) - Will Bruin had problems getting the ball. Every time the Dynamo had a chance to make it on the score sheet, they took an extra pass and it was immediately gobbled up. Bruin did this too, and while he had his own chances, we need our forwards - especially our bear - to be hungry for goals.

The Subs:

Eric Brunner (4)
- Brunner filled in for Jermaine Taylor at halftime, and immediately brought some life into the defense. Brunner has some jets too, as we saw, and with each game Brunner plays he looks to challenge Taylor for the starting role. That being said, while Brunner put in a better performance, the rest of the defenders looked demoralized and fell apart after Montreal's third goal.

Alex Lopez (3.5)
- We saw flashes of brilliance and a decent shot by our new designated player, but overall he looked uncomfortable out there. Part of that is likely due to a period of adjustment, which we hope doesn't last too long.

Jason Johnson (3) - JJ did what most of the other players did - take one too many touches in the final 3rd, make poor passing decisions there, and he didn't look too comfortable in general. Not all his fault because he came on in the final 10 minutes, but he didn't bring anything to the group to elevate the team's performance overall.

Coach Dominic Kinnear (3)
- What to say that hasn't already been said? We don't play well in Canada, but this was our worst loss in club history. Tactically we had a very attacking oriented team with Boniek in the middle and Driver at RM, but that really played into the style Montreal wanted to play - counter attacking oriented because they're good at that. Creavalle would have been the better choice to partner up with Moffat if we wanted to do the whole controlled possession game which it looked like we did. Our touches and passing in the final third was abysmal and that needs to be addressed as well. Tough game, and it was just a game - not an indicator that things are doomed which is especially true considering we thought after the Sounder game things were headed in the opposite direction. Right now the Dynamo needs to regroup and focus on the next match. In fact we all do - let's just forget this one ever happened and move on.

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