Got the Houston Fantasy MLS Bye Week Blues? Don't Fret. A Couple Options to Consider.

Can TFC keep a cleansheet at home?

To those who have heavily relied on the Dynamo for the first two weeks of Fantasy MLS (including myself), interesting decisions will have to be made. 33.2% of players will have to transfer out Sarkodie this week, along with 24.4% for Bruin and 13.6% for Hall, unless you can manage to keep one or two on your bench. But one of the cardinal rules I've learned is to never leave your big money players on the bench, because you'll live to regret it. It's better to use your transfers this week and pick up some key players to score you points.

A couple things to consider:

1)Value - The loss of a few of your Dynamo fantasy players will allow you to conservative in your selection of replacements. This week, I have a total of 14.6mil plus my 2.0mil in the bank to replace my biggest scorer in Bruin and one of my key anchors on the back end with Sarkodie. Some people will be in the same boat and have to replace two key assets on a budget. It's important to do the research and make sure you're not compromising your key areas because you're strapped for funds.

2)Schedules - After the first two weeks we can begin to see the studs and duds -- who's off to the early start and who's struggling -- of the league. Toronto FC goes home to a rockus crowd at BMO Field against east coast stragglers DC United. It'll be easy to back Toronto after Defoe and Bradley's big performances away to Seattle. Seattle have a favorable match-up with Montreal, especially if you favor them on the back end.

It is important to consider, however, Vancouver's visit to Chivas this past week after walking all over the Red Bulls at home in week one. They were barely able to muster a tying goal in the last 10 minutes after going up a man thanks to Pelletieri's red card and down a goal from Torres. It's important to take these match-ups with a grain of salt, considering both sides have their key players firing regardless of past results.

For back end relief, look to the resiliency of the TFC back line. Doneil Henry led the team in CBIs with 16 while also playing a full 90 minutes. Look for him to add to his tally with a very possible clean sheet at home to DC United and a win with Defoe and Bradley ahead of him. If you haven't already, you can find good value with Remick from Seattle at 4.1mil. He's likely to start away to Montreal and a clean sheet is a definite possibility.

LA played a CONCACAF Champions League game away to Tijuana on Tuesday, so this week might be a good week to capitalize on Plata's good play. He offers a considerable alternative to Bruin at a decent price of 7.3mil this week. It's best to stay away from selecting either of the Champions League teams to win (SJ, SKC, and LA) and prop up against them.

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