It's Story Time!

We must find out who fits the white boots! - Marianna Massey

Once upon a time, there was a Kingdom of Orange that had a soccer team. The Orange soccer team was very good and people enjoyed watching and cheering on the Orange, even on those rare occasions when the team would lose. Even people from other kingdoms enjoyed watching the Orange soccer team and there was always joy and laughter. But some kingdoms became jealous of the Orange Kingdom’s soccer team and banded together to take away the joy and laughter. These jealous kingdoms hired an evil wizard from the Kingdom of Frisco (where else would an evil wizard come from?) to cast a terrible spell on the Orange team.

At first it seemed like the spell did not work against the Orange but as time went by, the spell’s horrible affects were seen. Any forward that played for the Orange could not score a goal! Though they tried and tried, the spell could not be broken. In desperation, the Orange King sought advice from the magic mirror in the closet. (Where else do you keep a magic mirror?)

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, how do we recover from this fall?"

"Really, is that the best rhyme you could come up with? How about, ‘You are the greatest mirror in the land, let us give you a standing ovation’ ?"

"What? That doesn’t even rhyme. How about ‘Mirror tell me about this spell or you will end up at the bottom of a well’ ?"

"Ok, if you’re going to be nasty about it. You’ve already figured out that you’ve been put under a spell that causes any forward that plays for you to stop scoring. But as soon as they leave the Orange and play for another kingdom, they can again score. Remember Oduro?"

"Don’t remind me. So how can we get rid of this spell and get back the joy and the laughter?"

"There exists a forward of such grace and power, and not that expensive either, that the spell will be useless against him and will be banished."

"Great, where and who is this player?"

"What do you expect, I’m just a magic mirror. This is why you have scouts. Send them out and they will find him. Look in the locker next to you, there you will find boots. Give a pair to each of your scouts and the player who fits these boots is the one you are looking for."

Eagerly the Orange King opened the locker and found many pairs of pure white boots that glowed with their own internal light. Rejoicing, the Orange King grabbed the boots and turned to leave.

"Hey, what about me? Are you going to leave me in this dusty closet? How about a spot in the throne room? Or maybe near the women’s locker room?"

"Oh alright. I’ll have you moved to the royal bar."

"Great, beer breath."

So the Orange King summoned all of his scouts and gave each one a pair of the white boots. "Go to every corner of the world and find the one who fits these boots and can remove this spell!"

So the scouts scattered – north, south, east, west, up, down, sideways, that-a-way, and this-a-way to find the player who would fit the white boots. Many days passed and the goal scoring situation grew dire, but no word came. Then when all seemed lost, the Orange King’s cell phone rang.

"This is Scout 0607 and I have found him! His name is …" and the connection was broken.

"Hello! Hello! The player - who is it, where is he?! Scout 0607, answer me!" But there was no reply.

"Someone silenced Scout 0607 before he could tell us the player’s name. We need to find a way to trace Scout 0607 and find out who fits the white boots!"

Will the player who fits the white boots ever be found (at a reasonable price)? What happened to Scout 0607? Will the Kingdom of Orange ever break the spell of the evil Frisco wizard and return joy and laughter to the people? The people of Orange await the answers.

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