Fantasy MLS: Key Players and Key Stats for Week 10

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Today's Fantasy MLS article is short and sweet: I've cherry-picked the key double-game week players and calculated their key stats up to this point in the MLS season. If you haven't decided on who to bring in this week, look no further!

The big DOUBLE GAME WEEK is upon us. Are you ready? The transfer window closes Wednesday, May 7 at 6:45PM Central, so if you haven't made your moves for the week, get crackin'!

This week's article is going to be short and sweet -- I've filtered out who I think are some good candidates for the DGW rosters, and calculated some of the more useful statistics for each position. You can see some more detailed description of why some of these players should be included in my article from last week, but all of the players listed below share the following attributes:

  • Their teams have two games this week.
  • They have played in at least 50% of their respective team's minutes (MP/TMP)
  • Their form is at least a 4.0.

A couple of players have been highlighted -- these are the ones that may be out due to injury (Ricardo Clark and Mauro Diaz), or in the case of Chris Seitz, may just not be picked as the starter (he was rested last week).

(All stats via the MLS Fantasy website)









Own: % Ownership in Fantasy
Form: Average score over last few games played
Saves/90: Number of saves per 90 minutes played (GK) -- 3 saves = 1 point
Rec/90: Number of recoveries per 90 minutes played -- 6 rec = 1 point
CBI/90: Number of Clearances, Blocks and Interceptions per 90 minutes played -- 6 CBI = 1 point
G/90: Number of goals per 90 minutes played -- 1 goal = 5 (MID, FWD) or 6 (GK, DEF) points
A/90: Number of assists per 90 minutes played -- 1 assist = 3 points
KP/90: Number of key passes per 90 minutes played -- 3 KP = 1 point
Cross/90: Number of crosses per 90 minutes played -- 3 crosses = 1 point
MP/TMP: % of minutes player has played compared to number of minutes team has played as a whole
GAA: Number of goals allowed per game for the team (Goals against average)

Do you have someone that you think should be added or removed from the list?

What does your lineup for this week look like?

Best of luck, and remember: be sure to pick a different captain than me!

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