Anti-Power Rankings

The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 28

The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 28. On this week's edition I complain about mechanical floating clouds, get annoyed by an NFL player, celebrate I didn't have to see a picture of a penis and more.

The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 27

The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 27. On this edition, a referee forgets something important, a player tackles a guy in a mankini, Vinnie Jones curses a lot and more.

The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 25

It's time for another edition of the Anti-Power Rankings. This week I laugh at the worst dive in the history of football, judge for lying, wonder why Beckham even came back and much more.

The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 24

The Anti-Power Rankings are back! This week, I profess my love for Radiohead and Gattuso, complain about Grant Wahl and wonder if we'll ever know how the playoffs will work this season in MLS.

The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 23

The Anti-Power Rankings are back with another look at the best, the worst and the absurd from the world of football. This week, I discuss a Twitter hash tag, an epic handball, why we should laugh at Arsenal and much more.

The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 22

Another Friday brings another edition of the Anti-Power Rankings. This week I discuss Fernando Torres, FIFA's witch hunt against the Snood, a triple threat match in the media and more.

The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 21

This week in the Anti-Power Rankings, some creepy guy on the internet, Messi gets in trouble for wishing his mom a happy birthday, and I vent on SuperLiga...oh yeah, I LIKE THAT BOONBOOREE!

The Anti-Power Rankings: Week 20

Welcome back to another edition of the Anti-Power Rankings, your weekly review of the best, most ridiculous and worst news from the past week in the world of football. This week, I discuss US Soccer's failings, Sir Alex's diarrhea of the mouth, Pulpo Paul's new monument and more.

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: MLS Draft 2011 Edition

The Anti-Power Rankings return! This week, a special edition dedicated to yesterday's excitement from the 2011 MLS SuperDraft.

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 18

The Anti-Power Rankings return. This week, Sepp Blatter and FIFA are back in the cross hairs, along with Goldenballs, a striker you've probably never heard of and the rise of Giuseppe Rossi.


Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 17

Happy Holidays from Dynamo Theory! This week's Anti-Power Rankings are pretty simple as I've chosen my five favorite Christmas related videos from YouTube. So sit back and enjoy some holiday fun...

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 16

After a week in off, the Anti-Power Rankings return with plenty of vitriol flying all over the place. This week Ginge sets his verbal guns against Sepp Blatter, FIFA and laughs at Paul Konchesky's mum.

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 15 "El Clásico Edition"

It's a special "El Clásico" edition of the Anti-Power Rankings, in honor of Barcelona's masterful thrashing on Real Madrid from Monday.

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 14

In this week's Anti-Power Rankings, Ginge ask you to hold back on unreasonable expectations, wonders why Don Fabio is dressing like Tony Pulis, is rendered speechless by Alexi Lalas, asks MLS to get their *&!% together and ask important question...Nani are you OK?

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 13

Another week is coming to a close and you know what that means right? You got it! It's time for the Anti-Power Rankings. I know everyone spends their entire week eagerly anticipating the release of not only these brilliant rankings of the good, the bad and the ugly from the soccer world, but you also look forward to my modified song lyrics that intro the rankings each week.

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 12

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 12. Prostitutes of Beaverton, Oregon. Ready yourselves...He's on his way.

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 11

Week 11 of the Anti-Power Rankings. There's nothing we can do, it's a total eclipse of the Anti-Power Rankings.

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 10

Act like you can't tell who made this. APR, the new gospel homey, take six, and take this, haters

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 9

I'd rather quit and go back home, than to deal with the dirty tackler. Don't cry for this bad man, Let's sing a song about the bad man.

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 8

Power, Rankings, Rules, Everything, Around, Me. P.R.R.E.A.M. Get the rankings...Anti, Anti-Power Rankings y'all

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 7

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 7. Don't call it a comeback, I been here for seven weeks, rockin' my peers and puttin footballers in fear

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 6

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 5. All right stop, collaborate and listen, Ginge is back with a brand new edition (of the Anti-Power Rankings)

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 5

On the Anti-Power Rankings this week: The return of Golden Balls, General Charles C Krulak wants to tell Aston Villa fans what to think, and the Portland Timbers front office is genius.

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 4

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 4. It's a special "All Sons of Ben" Edition of the rankings this week!

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 3

Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 3. My weekly look at the ridiculous and sublime for the world of soccer.

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