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What if the Dynamo had a real owner?


According to ESPNFC Clint Dempsey wanted to play in Houston but the money just wasn't there. It's another strike against AEG and their systematically poor treatment of the Dynamo.

Donovan, burnout, and mental health in sports


The soccer community reacted quickly in their condemnation of Landon Donovan's recent hiatus from soccer. In doing so, they raised a startling question - why do we as a sports nation view mental...

Don Garber Stirs the Hornet's Nest Again With His YSA Comments


Don Garber's crusade against the YSA chant, and vulgarity in general, continues to stir the emotions of MLS supporters

ISC Supports Dynamo Supporters


The ISC (Independent Supporters Council) has now come out in support of the Dynamo supporters groups and ISC member, the Texian Army, and against the sanctions. They state that they are okay with...

Deric & Creavalle Offer a Preseason Lesson To Other Dynamo Players


While the case of young Dynamo players Tyler Deric and Warren Creavalle continues to play out, we wonder why they put themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Beyond Scorched Earth Theory: Other Reasons For Kris Boyd to Turn Down Dynamo


Beyond Scorched Earth Theory: It might have been a personal system fit rather than Texas heat that cooled Kris Boyd's move to Houston Dynamo.

Implications of the Richards Decision for Major League Soccer & Houston


Recite the last name of some of association football's legendary players and their achievements immediately spring to mind. Just mentioning Pelé, Maradona, Eusebio, Puskas, or other luminaries...

Ching Tops Among Issues Facing Dynamo in 2012


Kermit the Frog didn't give us the entire truth. While it might not be easy being green it seems even a touch more difficult being Forever Orange. Houston might be one of the more unlovable clubs...

MLS Debuts New Match Ball Called Prime, It's More Than Meets the Eye


MLS has a new match ball called Prime...commence Transformer jokes.

In defense of DDR winning the MVP


In defense of @dwaynederosario winning the MVP over @bjdavis11. Good for #MLS from a #HoustonDynamo fan.

2011 MLS Awards: How I Voted


With the finalist for the 2011 MLS Awards released, it's time to reveal my votes in the name of transparency in award voting.

Brad Davis Earns 2011 MLS Best XI Honors


Brad Davis earns MLS Bext XI honors after leading the league with 16 assist in the regular season.

The Two Sides of Phillip Anschutz: An American Soccer Savior With a Disturbing Social Agenda


Most soccer fans know the contributions of Phillip Anschutz to the growth and success of the game in the United States. What they may not realize is the truth about his disturbing social agenda.

2011 MLS Cup Playoffs: Match Schedule


The 2011 MLS Cup Playoff schedule.

MLS Playoff Chase: 6 Days to Go


One week to go in the MLS regular season and while the Dynamo are in the playoffs, there's still a lot on the line.

MLS Playoff Chase: 10 Days to Go


The playoff picture changed again last night as both results helped the Dynamo's chances.

MLS Playoff Chase: 13 Days to Go


Less than two weeks till the season ends and there is still much to be determined in the chase for the playoffs.

MLS Playoff Chase: 18 Days to Go


18 days to go in the MLS regular season and the playoff picture is becoming clearer.

Why MLS Fans Should Be Thanking the Seattle Sounders


In winning their third straight US Open Cup, the Seattle Sounders did MLS fans across the country a huge favor.

MLS Playoff Chase: 20 Days to Go


Here's the latest playoff standings and a look ahead at the week's game and how they affect the Dynamo's playoff chances.

The Playoff Chase: 24 Days to Go


The Dynamo are fighting to make the playoffs and with 24 days left in the season, we look at how things stack up heading in to the weekend.

The Playoff Chase: 25 Days to Go


The Dynamo are fighting to make the playoffs and with 25 days left in the season, we look at how things stack up after last night's matches.

Rafa Marquez Shows His True Colors


After last night's loss to Real Salt Lake, New York Red Bulls' designated player Rafa Marquez stuck dynamite in the team's wheels and lit the fuse.

MLS Teams Forced to Play Against Opponents and Referees in CONCACAF Champions League


The CONCACAF Champions League continues to amaze with it's lousy officiating. Nothing like a couple game changing incorrect decisions to get the blood boiling.

Ryan Cochrane's New Look


Remember Ryan Cochrane? Yeah, it hasn't been that long since Cochrane left the Dynamo for the New England Revolution via the Re-Entry Draft. In thosee short few months, Ryan has got himself a new...

An Open Letter to Don Garber Concerning Officiating in MLS


Don Garber says he wants to improve the officiating in MLS and the first week of the new season has provided several opportunities for him to do just that. Will Garber stop talking about the...

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