Soccer Science

The Success Conundrum

Conditioned to win-after-win at BBVA Compass Stadium, Dynamo fans are at a loss as to how to deal with two straight defeats on home soil. This writer is here to say that your sadness is a normal - and neurological - response after previous success.

Galaxy-Resistant Houston Dynamo (GRHD)

Heading into LA, expectations were low for a Houston squad that had yet to gather a win on the road this season. DT takes a look at Houston's 1-0 win, how the defense stopped LA, and why Andy Driver makes this writer hear Whitney Houston lyrics.

Soccer Science: A Bad Trip

Fans of the Houston Dynamo were led to believe that the trip to Portland would be a "playoff-like" effort. After a humbling 2-0 result, this writer notes that it was our handling of the injuries, not the injuries themselves, that led to the loss.

Andy Driver: Super Sub Extraordinaire

Although they dominated in possession after going down 2-0, the Houston offense was unorganized against FC Dallas. With the inclusion of Andy Driver, the Dynamo got the energy they needed in order to stage a dramatic, though unsuccessful, comeback.

Ashe and Sarkodie are the keys to beating Santos

The ability of Ashe and Sarkodie to join the attack was vital to getting a win against Santos in the first leg. For Houston to escape Torreon successfully, these attacking fullbacks will need to take advantage of the limited possession they will see.

Music to win to

A German study recently showed a correlation between synchronized music and positive results on the soccer field. Dynamo Theory asks: if Dom were to adopt this new finding to practice, what music would define a winning Houston Dynamo side?

Undercover in Jamaica: How Omar Fits in Houston

An in-depth look at how our newest acquisition, Omar Cummings, finds the back of the net, and why he will fit in perfectly with the Houston Dynamo.

Counting on Kandji

Mac Kandji created multiple chances for himself against DCU, but squandered them all. DT looks at this concerning trend, and suggests a way for him to make an impact against LA in the final.

Bring da orange-tinted ruckus

Houston's 2-0 lead heading into Livestrong Park was tenuous, to say the least. Taking the same 2 goal advantage into DC offers a very similar challenge. Dynamo Theory proposes using that to our advantage in this week's Soccer Science.

Houston loves puppies, abuses Sporks

The Dynamo got past the #1 seed in the East by striking fast and hanging on for dear life, much like jellyfish do to prey. Now that SKC is left peeing on their wounds, its time to turn our attention to DC United and the Eastern Conference Finals.


How Moffat Neutralized Rolfe in Chi-Town

Moffat's stalker-like game plan has earned him rave reviews around the media this week. Dynamo Theory takes a statistical look to see what exactly Moffat did to disrupt Rolfe's play in Chicago.

The Dynamo need to figure out how to win ugly

The initial switch to a 4-4-2 paid dividends for the Dynamo, while the switch back to a 4-3-3 was once again ineffective. Dynamo Theory takes to the swamps to figure out how to win ugly in this week's Soccer Science.

Soccer Science: Building momentum

Against New England, it seemed like Houston finally built some much-needed momentum towards the end-of-season push for the playoffs. Is that momentum real? And can we count on it transferring over to our upcoming matches?

Soccer Science: Skipping A Beat

The yearly success of the Dynamo in the late-summer months hit a speed bump against Philadelphia last week. Will that be the beginning of the end for Houston, or will this week's match against New England spark a push for the playoffs?

Soccer Science: Revisiting the 5-Minute Rule

A late equalizer kept Houston from taking a valuable 3 points away from Sporting Kansas City on friday. Dynamo Theory takes a second look at the dreaded 5-Minute Rule to see if it can offer any insight into the push towards the playoffs.

Soccer Science: Mimicry

The 3-1 loss in Chicago marks another poor performance in a winless stretch for the Dynamo. With the playoffs looming, will Houston regain its old form, or did they peak too soon?

Soccer Science: Toasting Taylor

The Dynamo have enjoyed a good string of form recently, despite losing Geoff Cameron in the transfer market. Dynamo Theory looks at Jermaine Taylor's impact on the defense, and how he resembles a protective cellular entity in the human skin.

Soccer Science: Plasticity

Will Bruin's team-first mentality has led to immediate success in Houston's 4-3-3. Dynamo Theory takes a look at this trend, and how Bruin has begun to mimic the human nervous system.

Soccer Science: Side Effects

The switch from a 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3 has solved Houston's defensive problems, but has similarly stunted their offensive production. Dynamo Theory uses the Opta Chalkboard to show that the Bruin-led 4-3-3 should see success soon.

Soccer Science: Hungry Like The Wolf

Can you learn anything from a sobering defeat to NASL opposition? A look at the growth exhibited by some of Houston's youth against an experienced Scorpions squad.

Soccer Science: Diagnosing Ching

Why has Ching had so much trouble scoring after the opening of BBVA? A diagnosis of his problem, and how the House finale could help solve it.

Soccer Science: Energy, Entropy, and El Banco

The Dynamo open the BBVA Compass Stadium this week with a match against DC United. See how cellular thermodynamics will make it the greatest venue in the MLS.

Soccer Science: The 5-Minute Rule

The Dynamo have shown a penchant for allowing goals following a Houston breakthrough, but is The 5-Minute Rule actually hurting them? A statistical breakdown of the trend, along with some more optimistic notes on La Naranja.

Soccer Science: The Heart of a Goal

Bruin finally opened his account with a well-placed finish in Chicago. More impressive than the goal was the fluid transition from defense to offense that reminded this writer of a slightly important human organ.

Soccer Science: Healing Time

The Dynamo are coming off a 3 week break, and face a dangerous Chicago Fire team this weekend. They would do well to take some pointers from the human Immune System if they plan on avoiding a second consecutive loss.

Soccer Science: Activation Energy

A look at Houston's 2-0 loss to Seattle through the eyes of Physical Chemistry, and how an understanding of Activation Energy could save the Dynamo from another road loss in three weeks.

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