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Ching Releases Statement to Fans

After what had to be one of toughest days on Brian Ching's career yesterday, the Dynamo forward posted a message to fans on his website last night expressing his appreciation to the fans for their support after his exclusion from the US World Cup roster.
"The past day has been extremely difficult for me and your well wishes are helping me get through my disappointment. I would like to say that I was extremely proud to have been considered for the World Cup team. I wish the guys the best of luck in South Africa and I will be rooting for them with all of my heart."

You can leave your message for Brian on his website or send him a message on Twitter (@brianching)

Bob Bradley's decision to not include Ching on the roster was easily the biggest surprise of the roster announcement and triggered a range of reactions from fans, most of which expressed sadness, anger or confusion about the decision. Jonah Freedman from went so far as to post his commentary saying Bradley will regret his decision to snub Ching.

I think James (@nobius) said it best on Twitter yesterday: "Never start a land war in Asia, and never play the World Cup without Ching"

If the US team struggles to create chances and score goals in South Africa, with Edson Buddle and Robbie Findley either not performing well or not making it off the bench, expect the backlash from fans over the decision to not include Brian Ching on the roster to be loud and strong.