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Frustration all around as Dynamo fall toUnion

"This year, being 5-5, a lot of teams would probably take that, but with the history we’ve had, we are all embarrassed here" -Brian Ching

Saturday's 3-2 loss to the Philadelphia Union will likely be a game fans of the team will quickly want to forget. Nobody likes losing, but losing at home to an expansion team is always a bitter pill to swallow. It's even more frustrating when after a lackluster first half, Houston battled back to take a 2-1 lead behind goals from Brian Ching and Eddie Robinson, only to have the lead evaporate as time ran out.
"I’m just frustrated. I shake my head at it. The energy level is not good enough." Ching said after the loss. "Every one of us as players have to look at themselves, I should have done more in the second half. It is something that I think we all are going to have look into ourselves and be better and demand more. Our fans deserve better. The club history deserves better."

But Ching wasn't done.

"When you suit up as a Dynamo player, you expect to play for one of the best teams in the league, and at this point in the season, that’s not the case," Ching said. "It’s the job for every single one of us as players to come out and stand up and be men. From this point in the season, move forward and put this behind us and step up. It’s all about wins here and the trophy at the end of the year, at this point in the season, we are looking like a team that won’t be competing for that trophy. It is up to us to turn things around."

Strong words from the captain, but it's his job to lead this team and having Ching back on the field in and in the Dynamo locker room is a huge bonus for the team moving forward. There is no doubt everyone is disappointed that Ching was not chosen to represent the USA at the World Cup, but with the Dynamo struggling to be consistent his presence might be needed more here. His experience will allow him to deal with the World Cup disappointment and channel that energy back in to his play and his role as a leader.

Ching wasn't the only frustrated voice after the match, as head coach Dominic Kinnear had some strong comments in his press conference.

"Terrible way to end the game," Kinnear said. "Right now it's an angry feeling. Sometimes you are disappointed, sometimes you are a little frustrated, but tonight, angry with the result."

Kinnear stressed that he had warned the team before the game that the Union would fight for every ball and challenge every play, but his team's failure to respond to those words left Kinnear noticeably upset with the performance.

"If we do not come out and meet them head-on, we are asking for trouble. We asked for it and we got it."