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Dynamo Changing Their Focus for the Summer Transfer Window?

In his weekly blog post, which you can read here, Dynamo COO Chris Canetti discussed the possibility of Houston making a signing during the summer transfer window. This itself isn't new information, but Canetti did make an interesting statement about the team's focus for just what kind of player they'll be looking to sign.

But we will also look at options that can improve the team over the summer transfer window. Any moves would be designed to make us better now and build for the future. A few weeks ago, our primary target was a midfielder. Our scope has likely widened since then.

So what is Canetti hinting at? Obviously an attacking midfielder was a priority after Geoff Cameron suffered a PCL injury early, but with Brad Davis holding down the central midfield role, it may allow the Dynamo to look in a different direction. The question is, what direction will that be?

With the recent struggles by the Dynamo to stop opponents from scoring, it seems logical that their priorities have shifted for the summer transfer window from bolstering to offense to reinforcing the defense.

If I had to make a guess, I'd say a new option at right back makes the most sense. Andrew Hainault and Craig Waibal have not been up to the task this season and Richard Mulrooney is not an effective long-term option at the position. A younger, faster and more capable option at right back would definitely help bolster the defense and at least for the moment.

What are your thoughts on what the Dynamo should do in the transfer window?