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Houston, We Have a Problem?

"There's not much to say about that one. Disappointing. I can't remember the last time this team lost three games in a row, so things aren't going good. Tough week." - Brian Ching

This wasn't how the Dynamo wanted to go in to the World Cup break. Losing three straight matches is bad enough on its own, but getting blown out by the Galaxy 4-1 just makes the situation that much worse. The Dynamo haven't lost three straight matches since 2007 and while no one is panicking, there is genuine concern with the schedule about to get very busy in the coming weeks.

"I think we were doing OK in the first half, and in the second half we ran out of gas." Coach Dominic Kinnear said after the match. "It's disappointing, and we are all disappointed because this is a proud group and this is the [second] time we have ever lost three in a row. There are a lot of question marks about the way we are playing, how our guys are playing individually and collectively, so it's a very disappointing time."

The question marks Kinnear mentions are in abundance for the Dynamo. The forwards aren't consistently scoring, the midfield isn't controlling the flow of play and the defense that in past seasons has been virtually impenetrable, is allowing goals at an alarming rate.

New comer Lovel Palmer wasn't with the club for the last three-match losing streak, but he is aware of the spot the team has played themselves in to.

"It's the [second] time in Dynamo history that we've lost three games on the trot," said Palmer. "We just have to look ourselves in the mirror, evaluate our performance, and work on it as individuals and as a team. We have to refocus over the next couple of weeks."

The Dynamo will have the chance to refocus before league play resumes with two friendlies before they host Colorado on June 26th.


Captain Brian Ching had a tough night both with the result and relentless heckling from Galaxy fans who chanted "US Reject" at the Dynamo forward. Ching admitted after the match the chants affected him, but was quick to point out dealing with those kind of situations is part of the game.

"There's always people that are out there, try to put you down," Ching said. "It's part of being a professional athlete—not everybody likes you."

Ching had some pointed words though for the chanters, "I was just thinking that I got farther than every single one of them chanting, so, if they want to try to mock me about it, look at themselves first."