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Dynamo, Crew Play to a Scoreless Draw As I'm Haunted by Bonnie Tyler

Hard is trying to write about a soccer game with ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ running through your head. I blame a trio of friends for all know who you are.

But enough of that nonsense, let’s talk about the game. I think Dynamo fullback Mike Chabala summed it up best, "That’s more like a Dynamo team that we’ve seen in the past."

After a run of performances that saw Houston struggle with defensive mistakes, Saturday night’s scoreless draw against the Columbus Crew was a reminder to the league and fans that writing off this team would be a mistake. Not that anyone was doing this, but just in case you were thinking about it, shame on you.

Admittedly, it wasn’t the most exciting MLS matches you’ll ever see, but for Dynamo fans who have watched their team give up goals that have cost all-important points, a complete 90-minute defensive performance was a site for sore eyes.

Of course, a goal would have been nice and not getting three points at home is always a bit disappointing, but considering results of late, you have to view this one as a positive.

The Dynamo contained the usually dangerous Guillermo Barros Schelotto and his Crew co-horts by making all the right plays defensively from the opening kick to the final whistle. The best example came in the 82nd minute when Steven Lenhart found himself alone in space right in front of Dynamo goalkeeper Pat Onstad. If not for a tremendous slide tackle from Chabala, he likely would have scored the game winning goal.

"When that ball came across I was just making sure I didn’t give away anything in the middle and the ball kind of popped out," Chabala said. "I was trying to make sure I got across and got enough body in front of the ball. Good step out, got my foot on it and blocked it."

It’s a result the Dynamo can build on and with a busy schedule ahead, a nice confidence booster for players and fans alike.