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SuperLiga: Another Damn Draw

It may not have been a MLS match, but the result sure felt like it. After controlling the flow of play for most of the match and holding a 1-0 lead, the Dynamo fell asleep on a Chivas USA set piece and gave up an easy equalizer that kept the Gringo Goats alive in Group A of SuperLiga.

It didn't help anyone feel any better that both Joseph Ngwenya and Cam Weaver missed opportunities to get a late game winning goal.

The key point of frustration coming out of this draw will be the defensive breakdown on the set piece. It's plagued the Dynamo all year and after a solid performance against Pachuca, the one costly mistake returned and reared it's ugly head. It almost seemed like the Dynamo weren't ready for the kick and it came before they were properly set. Whatever happened, it was a perfect storm of bad marking and something the team will likely be angry and disappointed about.

Things started well for Houston, who came out with an attacking mindset, putting immediate pressure on Chivas USA. The plan paid quick dividends when in the 6th minute, Lovel Palmer unleashed a shot from outside the box that found its way past Chivas USA keeper Dan Kennedy thanks to a deflection.

It was a lead the Dynamo would hold until the 71st minute when Jesus Padilla moved right past a host of naranja-shirted defenders and headed Rodolfo Espinoza's corner right past Tally Hall.

The Dynamo are still in a good position to quality for the SuperLiga semifinals with four points and one match left to play. Just how important a result against Puebla on Wednesday is for Houston will be determined tonight in the second match at Robertson between Pachuca and Puebla.