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Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 8


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Anti, Anti-Power Rankings y'all

#5 - Manchester City: What is worse? The fact the club annouced they lost £121 million in the last financial year or that that figure probably didn't even make their oil-soaked owners blink? The club's reckless spending hurts football, it's skews the transfer market and if there is any karma in the world, they won't win a single trophy from all this massive irresponsible spending.

#4 - Communcation Breakdown: Referee Ramon Hernandez sees a handball in the box in the closing minutes of the RSL v Rapids match last weekend. Hernandez calls the handball then checks with his assistant who says "I have nothing". Referee misunderstands assistant thinking he's being told his assistant saw no hand ball when he was trying to say he had no info to overturn the decision. Hernandez overturns his own call by mistake. *sigh*

#3 - Shameless Promotion: The Girls in the Cheap Seats is awesomesauce. You should be listening. New episodes every Tuesday!

#2 - USMNT Twitterpocalypse!: Nothing sets off Twitter like the announcement of a 20-man roster for two USMNT friendlies. The roster was released around 5:30pm ET on Thursday and hours later there was still bickering...and not just between bloggers and fans. Various journalist and writers were getting in to with people on Twitter about Oguchi Onyewu and who knows what else. IT WAS THE APOCALYPSE!!!...well, until the next announcement that sets off the soccer Twitterverse. Meanwhile, I was stumped by my friend Rachna who asked me who asked me if  Eddie Johnson was a better call-up than Robbie Findley. A day later, I still have no answer. It's like a mental Rubik cube.

#1 - MLS = Congress in 1918: I can accept the explantion behind Ben Olsen and Dominic Kinnear being sent off by the referee on Saturday for leaving their respective technical areas...even though they were shaking hands. Fine. Of coure, MLS just can't leave things alone and everyone's favorite 1-ton gorilla came smashing in to the room and made a mess of things. They might of flung poo. Ben Olsen has been fined an additional amount for daring to suggest post-match that referees should have to hold press conferences. If that statement is viewed by MLS as an act of sedition, there might not be any hope left. It's like 1918 up in this biatch! Ben Olsen should head to the league office, walk right in to Don Garber's office and just rip his shirt off to reveal his crazy chest ol' Don what a real man looks like.