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My Cat and I Predict the 2010 MLS Cup Playoffs (Updated)

In honor of Paul the Octopus who died at the age of 2 today, I shall endeavor to accurately predict the results of the 2010 MLS Cup Playoffs which begin Thursday. Of course, just making my predictions alone isn't enough to honor the great psychic octopus. So in order to do this properly, I've recruited my cat Mr. Wilco, who has dabbled in soccer prediction in the past, to make his picks as well.

How does a cat predict the results of soccer matches you ask? Well, it's actually fairly simple. I show the logo of each team to Mr. Wilco and tell him the name of the team. Whichever of the two teams elicits a larger reaction from Mr. Wilco is his predicted winner. Like I said, simple.

Who will Mr. Wilco and I pick to win the 2010 MLS Cup? Find out after the jump.

Eastern Conference Semifinals

New York Red Bulls (E1) v. San Jose Earthquakes (E4)
Zach: San Jose
Mr. Wilco: NYRB


Columbus Crew (E2) v. Colorado Rapids (E3)
Zach: Colorado
Mr. Wilco: Crew


Western Conference Semifinals

Los Angeles Galaxy (W1) v. Seattle Sounders (W4)
Zach: Seattle
Mr. Wilco: LA


Real Salt Lake (W2) v. FC Dallas (W3)
Zach: RSL
Mr. Wilco: RSL


Eastern Conference Final

Zach: Colorado v. San Jose
Mr. Wilco: New York v. Columbus


Western Conference Final

Zach: Real Salt Lake v. Seattle
Mr. Wilco: Real Salt Lake v. LA


MLS Cup Final

Zach: Real Salt Lake v. San Jose
Mr. Wilco: Real Salt Lake v. New York


So there you have, while we may not agree on the path, we both think that Real Salt Lake will repeat as MLS Cup Champions. Nothing left to do now except wait for the games to kickoff!



Mr. Wilco is a highly trained soccer prognosticator. Do not try this at home.