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Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 11


And I need the Anti-Power Rankings now tonight
And I need them more than ever
And if you'll only read them tonight
We'll be holding on forever

Nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the Anti-Power Rankings


#5 - Gerard Houllier: Debate his tactical competency as a manager all you want, but when it comes to common sense I think Gerard is pretty sharp. You see, the Aston Villa manager suggested this week that young footballers should avoid getting married and focus on their careers. What a simple, yet brilliant idea. Given all the issues we've seen footballers have with "keeping it in their pants", the idea of getting married just seems like a bad idea. With money and fame comes attention and adoration that clearly many footballers can't resist. Why not wait until your playing days are done?

#4 - Stan Kroenke?: From the Twitter feed of Asif Hossain (contributer to and last night during the Crew v. Rapids game...Overheard in the Colorado director's box: "Don, why is my team in the Eastern Conference?" Take that Don.

#3 - Trying Explaining This to a Casual Fan: 2008 Western Conference Champion? New York Red Bulls. 2009 Eastern Conference Champion? Real Salt Lake. 2010 Eastern Conference Champion? Colorado Rapids or San Jose Earthquakes?

#2 - Diego Maradona: Apparently everyone's favorite Argentinian wants to manager in the English Premier League. HELL YES! There are no words to describe how awesome this would be from a pure entertainment standpoint. While I'm sure people could make hundreds of arguments against it, I'm going to sit here with fingers stuck in my ears making noises so I can't hear you.

#1 - "Sticking Feathers up Your Butt Does Not Make You a Chicken": Sepp, pretending that you don't have a serious problem with the voting scandal is just ridiculous, but we've come to expect nothing less from Sepp. Why face an issue head on, clean house, actually strive to make FIFA a respected and legitimate organization when you can just provide disinformation and smoke screens. Sepp Blatter and his cronies honestly believe that football fans are stupid and the worst part, in a way we are. We keep traveling to the World Cup, we keep buying tickets, we keep helping fund the financial gravy train. Not that we just stop cold turkey, but we must accept that in a way, we are enablers of the corruption.