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Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 9

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Well he walks so tall to be so small, never met a man who's stranger
He lives his life for a dollar sign and to deal with him is dangerous
He knocked me down but I'm on my feet, now I'm so much wiser
I'd rather quit and go back home, than to deal with the dirty tackler
Don't cry for this bad man, Let's sing a song about the bad man


#5 - An Empty Space: In honor of the International break this weekend, which leaves an empty spot in so many of our lives, there is no #5 item on this week's anti-power rankings.

#4 - Chivas USA Fans: Oh, you chanted "Where's your hooker?" at David Beckham. BRILLIANT.

#3 - The Sons of Ben: Oh, you chanted "US reject" at Brian Ching last weekend? Lame. You can do better.

#2 & 1 - Nigel De Jong & Mark Van BommelAnother bad Nigel De Jong tackle and another broken leg. For the third time in a year, De Jong has unleashed a disgusting tackle upon an opponent and if not for Xabi Alonso being made of steel and concrete, it would be three seriously injured players. This is a problem, because these aren't accidents, they are a pattern. I don't think De Jong is trying to injure people but his style of play is leading to injuries and that's bad for the game.

Of course, after De Jong was dropped by Dutch National Team coach Bert van Marwijk, capatin Mark Van Bommel, a serial bad tackler in his own right, decided to stand up for his exiled teammate.

''But I know Nigel as a sweet guy. He doesn't want to injure anyone but wants to win every match. That is his strength. Thanks to Nigel we reached the final of the World Cup. And now I hear people calling him a criminal. What a nonsense.''

Umm, Mark (if I can call you Mark), De Jong is a serial bad tackler...just like you. Unlike De Jong, you have managed to execute horrible tackle after horrible tackle but not break legs. De Jong can't tackle, he thinks he can tackle, and thus he's a serial leg breaker. He might be the sweetest guy on the planet, but on the field he's seriously injuring opponents and it needs to stop.