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Canetti Has the Dynamo on the Right Track(s)

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This week's blog post from Chris Canetti provides some more good insight in to just how the Dynamo are going about their off season "rebuilding" plans. 

Canetti describes the team using a two track system:

TRACK #1 - Add talent where possible at every level through traditional mechanisms. These include new signings, trades, and the MLS SuperDraft.

TRACK #2 - Pursue a Designated Player. We have our list of targeted players and are thinking big. The intent to sign a DP exists, but there are no guaranteed expectations that it will occur. It would not be smart to think that way, as it takes a perfect storm to sign a DP.

Canetti stresses the importance of trying to find success on both tracks, but points out that while Track #2 is a luxury, Track #1 is neccesity. As a fan, I like this thinking.

Chasing a Designated Player is fun to talk about and potentially a major story for the team, but what is vastly more important is the rebuilding of this roster to return to the level of performance we've come to expect from the Dynamo. If the Front Office was blindly focused on signing a DP, I'd be extremely concerned that numerous more important issues were being ignored in order to make a PR splash. Obviously, that is not the case.

As much as we would all love to see Giovani Dos Santos or a similarly exciting marquee name player in naranja next season, it's been proven out multiple times in MLS that one big signing can't fix all the problems and it certainly won't guarantee playoff success. The Dynamo need a multi-faceted approach this winter and it appears that's exactly what Canetti and Kinnear are doing.

The more I hear and read from Canetti, the more I think he is the right guy to lead this team in to the future. He is as open and honest about issues as situation allow him to be and he certainly is saying the right things about what needs to happen with this club. We will have to wait and see how the 2011 season plays out, but at least on the surface, it looks as if the Dynamo are on the right track(s).