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Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 14

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In this week's Anti-Power Rankings, Ginge ask you to hold back on unreasonable expectations, wonders why Don Fabio is dressing like Tony Pulis, is rendered speechless by Alexi Lalas, asks MLS to get their *&!% together and ask important question...Nani are you OK?


Nani are you OK?
Will you tell us that you're OK?
There's a sign in the locker room
That C-Ron struck you - A crescendo Nani 
He came by your locker
He left bloodstains on the carpet
You ran into the flight line
You struck his goal down offsides 
It was your doom

#5 - A New Mix Tape: Diskerud to Agudelo, distribution brilliant (to borrow a line from a quality podcast) from one young debutant to another as the USMNT defeated South Africa 1-0 in the midweek. It was a nice victory for the US and for fans if was an opportunity to see some of the young players that could become regular contributors to the team in the future. Don't lose your minds though, it's one game and these things take time. Can we try to avoid loading tons of unnecessary pressure and expectations on these kids shoulders? I think the idea of just watching them mature and grow as players is the right way to go. After all, look what the media and fans did the Freddy Adu.

#4 - Whipping His Ginger Hair: Head on over to Alexi Lalas' MySpace page and enjoy his cover of Willow Smith's 'Whip My Hair'. There really aren't words.

#3 - Don Fabio's Tony Pulis Look: Really? A baseball cap? You're the manager of the England National Team, not some manager at Stoke City. Suits and styled hair is really the only option. This is a bad precedent Mr. Capello, next thing we know you'll be wearing sweatpants on the sidelines for matches. Honestly, what national team coach would wear sweatpants?...

#2 - MLS Best XI Hijinks: Nobody is saying that Landon Donovan doesn't deserve to be on the 2010 Bext XI list, but the fact that MLS had to tweak the results to get him on just screams of poor planning, lack of oversight on the released voting list and just general bush league behavior. MLS won't tell us the midfielder who lost his spot on the list, but considering most players have bonuses built in to their contracts for awards, there is a fairly good chance that someone got hosed. This is one of the most frustrating things about MLS. They do things half-assed and then have to scramble to clean-up the mistake after it's already blown up in their face. Get your s*** together.

#1 - Bad Nani: Dude, what were you thinking? Your homey C-Ron had it covered. He broke down the defenders, beat the keeper, it was a truly beautiful goal...until you had to unnecessarily run in offsides and head the ball after it was already in the net.