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Monday Morning Centre Back: The Sound of Silence

With all the post-MLS Cup fallout and the swap meet style tumult caused by the Expansion Draft, you might think that surely there is some Dynamo news from the past few days. If you've put two and two together from my post title and clever intro, you no doubt have figured out that this is not the case.

Other than some rumors about potential changes, which I documented last week, and some stadium news, which I'll get to momentarily, it's been very quiet in Houston at least where the Dynamo are concerned.

Fortunately, Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans is making more than enough noise with his pugilism skills, but since he's not on the Dynamo, it's not really the concern of this blog...except to say we here are Team Andre.

At this point, we're in a holding pattern as we await the proverbial snowball that will start the avalanche of roster moves that has been hinted at by the team and expected by the fans since August. Changes are coming, there is no doubt about that, it's just going to take time. The next major calender event for MLS is the first of two re-entry drafts which are part of the new collective bargaining agreement. The first draft is scheduled for Wednesday, December 8th and I'll post some more information on just what these drafts are and how they might affect the Dynamo as the date gets closer.

The one bit of news worth mentioning has nothing to do with roster moves but has everything to do with getting the team in to a new home. The Harris County-Houston Sports Authority (which sounds deceptively like a gigantic sporting good store) has put the discussion of and possible vote on the lease agreement for the proposed new Dynamo stadium. The meeting, to be held on December 2nd, will hopefully pave the way for groundbreaking so the stadium can be ready by April or May of 2012.

While all the particulars are still being worked out between the Dynamo and the Sports Authority, both sides are hopeful that the details can be worked out in time for the meeting. Much like the Dynamo roster, there is little more we can do but wait and see. A deal will get done, the only real concern at this point is timing and whether a delay in the lease agreement could push the stadium's opening back in to the summer of 2012 or later.

On a positive note however, if things get worked out this week we should begin getting details about the stadium and a groundbreaking ceremony before the year is out. No doubt when those fancy chrome shovels hit the dirt it's going to make a lot of Dynamo fans very very happy. Let's hope it ends up being a kind of holiday gift for all of us to enjoy.