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Kinnear Wants Onstad Back in 2011

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Quick post concerning an article from Dwain Capodice yesterday, which you can read here.

Apparently, Dominic Kinnear wants to keep all three of his current goalkeepers for the 2011 season. That would presumably mean that Pat Onstad would return as the starting keeper, leaving Tally Hall in the backup role and Tyler Deric as the 3rd goalkeeper.

There has been a grea deal of speculation by me and others that this is the time to let Onstad move on and hand over the gloves to Hall. No doubt this news will irk some, but I have two theories.

1. Kinnear genuinely believes Tally Hally is not quite ready and wants one more year from Pat Onstad.

2. Saying anything concerning your goalkeeper plans for next season before the expansion draft might tip your hand since either Onstad or Hall is likely to be left unprotected.

What say you Dynamo Nation? Is Onstad your preferred choice for 2011 or is it time to see what Tally Hall can do?