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Dynamo Chasing Giovani Dos Santos

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According to Jesus Ortiz from the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Dynamo have put out feelers to Tottentham about the possiblity of aquiring the services of Mexican striker Giovani Dos Santos.

"Although Dynamo chief operating officer Chris Canetti declined comment, another MLS insider told the Chronicle that the team has reached out to Tottenham and Dos Santos' camp."

This would be a tricky signing from a financial standpoint, but you have to be at least curious about the potential effect Dos Santos could have for the Dynamo both on and off the field. Dos Santos has been getting next to no playing time at Spurs and there are reports his agent (who is also his father) has been talking with Tigres in Mexico as the transfer window approaches.

It's early and I've just woke up, so I'll try to have some more thoughts about this later when my mind clears. Anything else at this point would probably just read like I'm ripping off Ortiz's article and that wouldn't be cool at all. For now, I'll open it up to my readers with a couple questions.

Would Giovani Dos Santos be the right kind of player for the team to sign as a Designated Player?

Would the potential $9 million plus price tag be worth it?

Can the Dynamo and MLS be an attractive enough option for the 21-year old?