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Monday Morning Centre Back: I Dream of Gio

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Easily the biggest Dynamo related news of the weekend came on Saturday when it was reported by the Houston Chronicle that Houston had inquired with Giovani Do Santos' representatives about the possibility of him coming to the Dynamo. 

Two days later, we haven't heard any more news but that's not a surprise. If any signing is going to happen, it's going to take time and be kept as close to the vest by Canetti and AEG as possible. More importantly, this won't be easy considering that Dos Santos is a 21-year old with obvious talent that just hasn't gotten a fair chance at Tottenham. This is not a player that has been starting regularly and hasn't shown the ability to perform, thus there will be interest from all over for his services. Not to mention the fact it would be expensive.

In mid-October there were various reports linking Dos Santos to various clubs in Italy, including Roma, Fiorentina, Napoli and Genoa. In addition, there was a report linking him to Liverpool. You'd have to think at this point, Dos Sanots wants to go somewhere he can play and contribute and that's where the Dynamo might be able to make a strong pitch, or course so could clubs in Mexico.

I can't speak for every Dynamo fan but I'm bouncing in my seat at even the prospect of a player like Giovani Dos Santos playing for the club (while still remaining realistic). This is the kind of signing that could have a huge impact on and off the field, especially with the new stadium opening up in 2012. It hopefully proves that the Dynamo are taking their search for a designated player seriously and don't appear willing to settle for just a flashy name.

Now time for a cold shower.

How realistic are the chances of this signing happening? I'm guessing very very low. I'd be shocked if Dos Santos' father (also his agent) would allow his son to take such a perceived step down in quality. Like it or not, the idea of a 21-year old going from La Liga to EPL to MLS would be seen as a major mistake by most observers. One could even make the argument that signing with a Mexican club would be little more than "running home". 

We also have to consider that Dos Santos' will give the Dynamo lip service in an attempt to squeeze some more money out of another club he would much rather end up playing for. After all, this is business and there is nothing foreign about the idea of players using a club as leverage against another club.

Whether the Dynamo can pull off this signing is at this point not nearly as important to me as the fact they are apparently making the attempt. The last thing I want to see is a washed up, injury prone forward looking to score one more payday in his career (I'm talking to you Michael Owen) being signed as the Dynamo designated player. Why not try and sign a young and talented player that has something to prove and will be motivated to perform? Sure, he might only be around a season or two if he has success but I'd rather have that than a guy that makes a couple million and plays in 4 games.

There will undoubtedly be more names between now and when the Dynamo get their man, but this process seems to be off to a good start. Then again, this could all be hot air...