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Monday Morning Centre Back: So Long Pat?

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Good morning loyal readers!

After busy week of new concerning a new jersey and shirt sponsor, the weekend brought us back to the world of off-season player moment rumors. 

Steven Goff on the Washington Times reported Saturday afternoon that Pat Onstad is being considered for an assistant coach position of Ben Olsen's staff at DC United. The 42-year old goalkeeper did not have his contract option picked up by the Dynamo and Onstad has considered retirement the past couple off-seasons before deciding to return.

Buried in Goff's article is an interesting statement attributed to a Dynamo spokesman:

"Pat is unlikely to return to the Dynamo roster in 2011, but we are not in a position to comment or speculate on his future plans."

For me this is the clearest signal we've received that the Dynamo are leaning towards giving the starting goalkeeper job to Tally Hall, a move some fans have been calling for since midway through last season. There will likely be some disappointed fans should Onstad move on but I feel it would be the best move for the team.

Some might also on wonder why the team wouldn't bring Onstad on as a coach on Dominic Kinnear's staff, possibly even as a player/coach in case of injury. The answer is pretty straight forward since the Dynamo already have a goalkeeper coach and there is no reason to supplant Tim Hanley.

Plus, for Onstad to have the best chance to succeed in a coaching position it'soften important to start in a new environment rather than with a group who were just recently your teammates.

Either way, I think it's safe to say that whatever decision Onstad makes, Dynamo fans will wish him well and be appreciative for his contributions during his time in Houston.