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Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 16

Bongarts/Getty Images


Mother, do you think they'll drop the Kop?...on me?
Mother, do you think they'll try to break my balls? 
Mother, should I leave the club?

Hush now baby, baby, don't you cry 
Momma's gonna makes all those scousers come after you
Momma's gonna make the gaffer be upset at you
Momma's will keep Paulie cozy and warm 
Oooo PaulMomma's gone and pissed off The Kop


After a week in off, the Anti-Power Rankings return with plenty of vitriol flying all over the place. Join me after the jump won't you?

#5 - Paul Konchesky's Mum: Rule #1, never upset someone's mum. Apparently, the mother of Liverpool defender Paul Konchesky fired off some choice comments on Facebook, calling Liverpool fans "scouse scum" and saying manager Roy Hodgson is "shit". While Liverpool fans might take umbrage at the first comment, I'm guessing many might agree with Paul's mum about the second. Either way, I always get a kick out of footballer's mothers getting upset on behalf of their kids on Facebook.

#4 - Champions League Knockout Stages: Now that those annoying group stages are done, it's time for the real fun to begin. With the draw complete we can now start salivating over some potentially juicy match-ups on the road to Wembley. Arsenal v Barcelona, Internazionale v Bayern and Milan v Spurs are the best three match-ups on paper but often the most enjoyable games come from where we least expect. Say what we will about the Champions League but this is when it gets fun.

#3 - The Los Angeles Galaxy: It's a panic at the Home Depot (Center)! Only one more year of Golden Balls and still nothing of real value to show for the massive investment. So in a desperate attempt to make another run at that elusive MLS Cup, AEG and Bruce Arena are making it rain like Flo Rida in a South Beach strip club. The Galaxy are laughing at the "salary cap" while getting older and older. They might yet win that elusive championship, but they are going to run the franchise's future in to the ground in the process.

#2 - FIFA: Wait a second, first you make the ridiculous decision, helped along by an immense amount of alleged bribes, and reward the World Cup to Qatar. Now you actually think it would be a good idea to move the tournament to the winter? Your own reports warned you about the dangers of the Qatari summer and you blatantly ignored those warnings out of pure greed. There was a time I thought leagues needed to do a better job of adjusting to the FIFA international calender. Now I just think leagues around the world should tell FIFA to stick their calendar and their tournaments up their ass. When will the various federations that have the potential power stand up to FIFA instead of bowing down and sticking tongues up the assholes of these corrupt criminals and thieves?

#1 - Sepp Blatter: You old fool. You stupid, arrogant, greedy and morally bankrupt bastard. Your comments concerning gays and how they should "refrain from sexual activity" if they travel to Qatar for the 2022 were disgusting and stupid. I honestly don't care if you issued an apology just this morning since I doubt you mean it and only did so at the behest of lawyers or people infinitely smarter than yourself. You're a disgusting man and the sooner your leave your role as president of FIFA, or more preferably, die, the better for international football.