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Monday Morning Centre Back: Where in the World is Franco Caraccio?

With the lack of news or even rumors over the Christmas holiday, I was left to find something interesting to write a few lines about on this cold Monday morning here in the State of Texas. Yeah, I know there are people buried under snow on the east coast, but this is Texas and I'm sorry, it's cold here for us.

Anyway, I was inspired by a discussion with a friend concerning the Dynamo being able to properly take advantage of the rather "nuclear wasteland" like sports environment in Houston at the moment. With the Houston Texans, Houston Rockets and Houston Astros all struggling and not doing much to inspire sports fans, there might be a chance for the Dynamo to make some further in roads in to the sports community in Houston.

With the new stadium now on the horizon, marketing the club beyond the "hardcore" fan base is of vital importance. I've read plenty from some of that "hardcore" base complaining openly about the fact the team is exploring new marketing opportunities and somehow feel they will forget the "real" fans or however they choose to describe themselves. I'm not criticizing anyone's opinion but this just isn't the case.

You are perfectly entitled to feel however you'd like about the Dynamo's marketing effort but Chris Canetti and company have no plans to ignore their loyal fanbase, but they are obligated to expand the fan base and look for new ways to sell the team in Houston.

It's all about driving revenue and building a diversified fan base that brings different people and ideas to the game. More importantly, it's about financial stability and independence for the Dynamo.

Now I've gone on a tangent.

Anyway, the name Franco Carracio was brought in in my discussion under the thought that there could still be fans that are upset the club waived the young Argentinian forward after the 2008 season. Putting aside the fact that no move by a team is ever universally liked, you have to allow some time to be able to properly review just how good or bad a decision on a player is.

In Carracio's case, the facts speak for themselves, it was the right decision.

After Carracio left the Dynamo, he went on trial with the New York Red Bulls and failed to earn a roster spot. Carracio returned to Argentina, spending the rest of 2008 with Club Atlético All Boys of Primera B Nacional (Argentina 2nd Division) and made a grand total of one appearance.

Carracio signed with Deportivo Cacarita in Ecuador in July of 2009 and apparently moved to U.S. Foggia, a team of Italian Lega Pro I Division (Italian 3rd Division) at some point later in 2009 and has been with them ever since...or has he? The team's website has no record of Carracio being on the roster, so I have no idea where he is honestly.

Whatever potential and talent Carracio might have has clearly never been realized and while I'm not trying to bash the player, I'm just trying to make a point that while as fans we have every right to criticize and complain about a roster move, sometimes we need to step back and see how the decision plays out.

After all, it's not like Luis Angel Landin is tearing up the field at Atlante either.