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Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 15 "El Clásico Edition"

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It's a special "El Clásico" edition of the Anti-Power Rankings, in honor of Barcelona's masterful thrashing on Real Madrid from Monday.


Now that you are properly prepared, enjoy the Anti-Power Rankings after the jump!

#5 - The Greatest Performance Ever?: There has a been a A LOT of football played. There have been a lot of amazing performances that have been seen and may of not been seen. Was Barcelona's masterful destruction of Real Madrid the greatest ever? Maybe, maybe not, but it definitely was one of the best and beyond the possession and the goals, it's the simple fact that in one of the most anticipated derbies in recent memory, Barcelona absolutely embarrassed their rival, whom many considered the best team in the world going in to the match

#4 - Sergio Ramos: For whatever reason there are people that like Ramos...I'm not one of them. Quite honestly, while he may have talents on the field, when push comes to shove, he's a dirty player. Everyone gets frustrated when they lose and especially when you get embarrassed, but this doesn't excuse trying to break Messi's legs, then shoving Carlos Puyol and Xavi in the face. Ramos is a petulant child.

#3 - Jose Mourinho: Before anyone writes off the Special One, consider this. Last season during the Champions League Group Stage, Barcelona easily defeated Mourinho's Internazionale 2-0 at Camp Nou. When the two sides met for a home and home series in the knockout rounds, Inter attacked in the first leg building a lead and then, in one of the most brilliant examples of "parking the bus", Inter put ten men behind the ball at Barcelona and withstood the onslaught. Now, Real Madrid and his current roster are a whole different animal, but Jose hasn't had the success in his career by being a lump incapable of making adjustments.

#2 - Messi or Ronaldo: Many like to debate who the best player in the world and often these two names come up. I think we can say with confidence that at this point, Lionel Messi is the far superior player. Not only is Messi far more influential in a solo capacity, his ability to support and work the ball to teammates is miles ahead of what Cristiano Ronaldo can offer. If Messi is being worked out of a match, instead of being crying baby, he finds a way to affect play in other ways, which is the sign on a brilliant player.

#1 - Xavi and His Magical Goal: Is there a better midfielder playing the game right now than Xavi? I don't think so. He's a magician, a wizard; as powerful as Voldemort without all the nastiness. His goal on Monday was spectacular, I've watched it over and over again all week and it continues to just amaze me. I'd post a video link but La Liga has pretty much cleansed the internet of all video highlights of the match, but trust me, it's brilliant.