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Well Hello There!

My name is DisplacedTexan and I'm an American soccer fan.  Well in reality, my name is Evan but the soccer fan thing is totally true!  Little did I know while watching some random Saudi Arabia - Sweden match at the Cotton Bowl in 1994 that soccer and I would start a torrid love affair stretching across decades and continents.  I'll spare you the sultry details, but a few tidbits might be useful by way of introduction.

I am, in no particular order, a Dynamo fan, a US National Team fan, and a Tottenham Hotspur fan.  You know your friend that gets up at 6:30am on a Saturday to watch English league soccer?  I'm that guy.  I've had the privilege of watching games at Craven Cottage, Camp Nou, and of course Robertson Stadium.  Hidden in my closet is an eclectic selection of kits I like to wear because I secretly wish I was European.  Kidding... sort of.

What am I doing here?  Well, consider me the Carlos Tevez of Dynamo Theory.  The first big-money move by Ginge to uh... win the SB Nation blog title!  Seriously though, he's splashing out Balotelli-like money and in return he's going to get Balotelli-like production.  (Uh oh.)  You'll be seeing me round these parts tossing up posts and helping Ginge make this the finest soccer blog this world has ever seen.  While I'll clearly be focusing on the Dynamo, I hope to sneak in the occasional post from elsewhere in the soccer world because lets face it, if you're a soccer fan, you're always jonesing for a fix.

So that's that.  Greetings!  Hello!  Nice to meet you!  Let's talk soccer.