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Forget Winless in Ten, Focus on Six

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Since I mentioned in a post earlier today that the Dynamo haven't got a win in their last 10 MLS matches, I figured it would beneficial to everyone's psyche to find a more positive number for everyone to digest. It's with that in mind that I present to you the number six.

Why six? Well six, at least for the Dynamo, is a magical number at this point in the season. It represents a achievable goal and in soccer, getting six only takes two.

MLS Playoff Standings

E1. Columbus 37
E2. New York 31
W1. Los Angeles 43
W2. Salt Lake 39
5. Dallas 33
6. Seattle 29
7. Colorado 28
8. San Jose 26
Chicago 21
NE 21
Kansas City 20
Houston 20
Philly 17

Despite everything that has happened this season, the Dynamo are six points from the final playoff spot. GIven the team's current run of form, making up that six points seems like a daunting task but in a sport where momentum and confidence can carry a team, it only takes one spark to start a run.

If Houston is going to make a play for the final spot, they will have to do it with the pieces they have in place. Chris Canetti confirmed for us today on his blog that the Dynamo will not be able to make any moves for additional players for the remainder of the season. There is no room under the salary cap and even if the team was to cut a player, all contracts are now guaranteed at this point in the season.

This is a proud team, with a number of veterans who will likely not be on the roster come First Kick 2011. Do this roster as it is currently assembled have one final run in them to earn an improbably playoff spot? If your answer is no, ask yourself one more thing, are you willing to bet against this group of coaches and players not, at the very least, making things interesting?