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Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 3


I'm back with another edition of my Anti-Power Rankings.

This week, I take pity on Real Salt Lake, make a brief statement concerning an elbow ligament and get very angry at some traitorous bastards in New York who are really nothing better than a pack of zombie Benedict Arnolds.

Good times!

#5 - Real Salt Lake: 15 minutes from MLS' first win on Mexican soil, leading Cruz Azul by 3 goals to one, everything seemed great for Jason Kreis' team. Then, for lack of a better term, the wheels fell off. The final score of 5-4 left basically everyone in shock and it will be a tremendous test of the stil young managers mettle. RSL faces Toronto FC this weekend so there is little time to regroup after their wild night in Mexico. They are strong contenders for a second straight MLS Cup and if you've followed sports for any period of time, you know that losses like Wednesday's debacle can haunt a team for weeks to come. Time to see just how good Jason Kreis is...and since I'm a fan of the idea of him leading the US Men's National Team in the 2018 cycle, I hope his team comes through stronger than ever.

#4 - Stephen Strasburg's Elbow Ligament: What? Strasburg doesn't play soccer? Oh never mind then.

#3 - Don Garber: I suppose it might seem like I'm beating a dead horse but the fact remains the MLS commissioner is refusing to acknowledge serious issues with the CONCACAF Champions League. You can read my thoughts HERE.

#2 - MLS Goal of the Week Award: Rafa Marquez? Rafa "BLEEPING" Marquez? Really? Over a spectacular bicycle kick goal from Brian Ching? What the hell did Ching do to upset the soccer gods this year? He hasn't been screwed over this bad since Bob Bradley left him off the World Cup squad. I hope all of you Red Bull fans who claim to be US Soccer fans who voted for Marquez feel very very dirty today. You've done wrong, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Benedict Arnolds...the lot of you!