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Ginge's Anti-Power Rankings: Week 5

Not that anyone likely cares but I have a headache this morning. Despite this fact, I'm not particularly cranky but no doubt I'm gonna ruffle some feathers for bitching about a former Marine Corps general. Before you get your knickers in a twist, just remember that nobody is above criticism, especially me

Anyway, on this week on the Anti-Power Rankings...the return of Golden Balls, General Charles C Krulak wants to tell Aston Villa fans what to think, and the Portland Timbers front office is genius. 

#5 - David Beckham: The LA Galaxy midfielder is poised to return this weekend for the first time since his achilles tendon injury. Whoopty doo. You still haven't done anything for soccer in the United States or MLS and while you're not a bad guy and a lot of the expectations weren't your doing, you are still the face of the farce so deal with the fact that your name is mud with many fans here in America. 

#4 - The Return of European Club Football: After a miserable week and half of international friendlies and qualifiers, it's time to get back to what really matters, club football. I'm very much looking forward to camping out in front of the TV all weekend watching as many matches as I possibly can. I shall dine at the buffet of footy goodness...and be a glutton. All while COMPLETELY ignoring Football Americano and giving the finger to the NFL. 

#3 - General Charles C. Krulak: Gerard Houllier deserves Aston Villa fans respect? He hasn't done anything yet. Managing a football club isn't like being a general in the Marine Corps, you don't get respect just because of your title. If Houllier is successful, fans will give him the respect he deserves, but just because he's won a couple Ligue 1 titles and an FA Cup doesn't mean he's a god among managers that should be bowed down to. Don't forget either that Houllier left Lyon because he couldn't get along with chairman Jean-Michel Aulas and Villa just lost their last manager because he couldn't get along with the owner. It's great that "The General" takes the time to visit message boards but fans aren't Marines, you can't tell them what you do and you can't shut them up...or give them a really awful haircut.

#2 - Robbie Findley: Nice penalty kick...Hey Bob, did you see that?

#1 - Portland Timbers: Genius. If anyone doubts the Timbers/Sounders rivalry isn't already the best in MLS (even though Portland doesn't join until next season) you're nuts. Nothing even comes close.