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Monday Morning Centre Back: A Smashed Clock

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"Seasons over. Sad to say it but it's a reality" -Dominic Kinnear

The smashed wall clock lying in pieces on the floor of the Dynamo locker room Saturday night said it all.

A season defined by frustration found a new way to take frustration to a new level. After controlling the flow of play the entire first half and taking a 1-0 advantage in the locker room, what can best be described as a different team took the field in the second half an proceeded to lose their composure and lose the game.

Dwayne De Rosario was invisible for virutally the entire match, but it only took two set pieces opportunities for him to not only make an impact, but earn three points for Toronto.

"He took two shots on goal the whole night, two free kicks, and he got it," Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear said after the game. "Two hits, it's all he had. Didn't see him in the first half, didn't see him in the second half except for his goals, but he has a killer instinct. Some of these guys in here...not gonna say it...If we'd played the way in the second half the way we played in the first, there's not impact from him"


"We thought it was going to be too easy and we started fouling," continued Kinnear when asked what went wrong in the second half. "(We) stopped moving the ball, we were efficient in the first half, we were sloppy in the second"

When pressed a few minutes later about the killer instinct comment, Kinnear thought for a moment and elaborated on what cost his team the game.

"I don't know if it's a killer instict, it's about defending properly. That means not giving the ball away when there is no pressure on you. Not giving teams fouls when you don't need to. Recognizing the danger when it's evident. I think we've done that sometimes and at times we haven't."

"What's out record?" Kinnear asked, "6-13-5? There you go...says it all. I think we are the second worst defensive team in the league and that tells the story of why you're were you're at".

The locker room was very quiet and most of the team dressed quickly and left without speaking to the media. To be honest I can't blame them. Everyone knew what had happened on the field that night and there was nothing that needed to be verbalized that you couldn't already see on the player's faces.

The Dynamo have six matches left in the 2010 season before the rebuilding process begins.


Midfielder Danny Cruz:

"Whenever we lose it never feels good but obviously tonight was a big hit. I thought pretty much anyone who watched the game in first half we were a complete different team in the second half. So obviously it's dissapointing to lose and obviously if you look at the standings we're probably in some trouble now.

"He's (Kinnear) obviously furious with the loss, which he should be and we didn't play up to par"