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GameThread: Dynamo at Wizards (2010 - Match 31)

Season's over. Dom said so...but there are still six game to play and it's time now to find out who wants to be a part of turning this thing around in 2011 and who should move on. Join Ginge tonight as he discusses the match against the Wizards, who are fighting for their playoff lives.


Match Details

Houston Dynamo (6-13-5, 23 points, 8th in West) at Kansas City Wizards (8-9-6, 30 points, 4th in East)
7:30pm CT - CommunityAmerica Ballpark, Kansas City, KS

Broadcast Details

TV: KHOU 11.2 (ENG), TV Informa (SPN)
Radio: SportsTalk 790 - Joined in Progress (ENG), La Ranchera 850 (SPN)

Dynamo Starting XI


Dynamo Bench: Tyler Deric, Ryan Cochrane, Eddie Robinson, Joseph Ngwenya, Richard Mulrooney, Danny Cruz, Sammy Appiah